Light It Up

Feeling a bit groggy after the rainstorm from yesterday eve (or this morning) woke you up? Grab a large cup of joe, get your rainboots on and head over to Neuer Berliner Kunstverein (NBK) for their sure-to-be-slamming summer art party this evening. The event also coincides with the final day of their exhibition “The Future Archive” that projects vibrant and light-filled artistic visions from the 70s and 80s onto today. So if you haven’t had the chance to catch this exhibition yet, now is your opportunity. After checking out some art, be sure to participate in the live cooking show held by artist Dieter Froelich which will be followed by a discussion with the curator of the exhibition, Ute Meta Bauer, and finally a musical performance by Florian Hecker – one of the artists taking part in the exhibition.  

NBK exhibition Future Archive

Installation view of “The Future Archive” at NBK – Photo: Jens Ziehe

Yes, the fascinating exhibition at NBK is coming to a close but fear not because “The Future Archive” is an on-going project which is sure to continue long after its departure from NBK. Its focus falls upon the Center for Advanced Visual Studies, founded in 1967 by György Kepes at the US technological research institution, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and the radical ideas which grew from a generation of its fellows and directors. In 2009 the Center became the MIT Program in Art, Culture and Technology and today its founding director and curator of “The Future Archive,” Bauer, will be there to answer all of your questions. For those of you whose German is a little rusty, be sure to brush up on your skills before attending. Finally, to finish off the art cooking and talk, exhibiting artist Hecker will also be giving a musical performance at 8pm. See you there, Artparasites!