To The Guy Who Taught Me What I Actually Deserve

Photography by Felicia Simion

How can I forgive you?

How can I forgive the person who hurt me twice?

How can I forgive the person who chose to leave twice?

I was there when you feel like the world left you, yea she was your world. I listened to your rants and heartaches, even though I know you’re not perfect as well.

You only heard all the good, all the things that you wanted to hear. I supported you. I loved you again.

I thought the second time would be different, or so we thought. it was not easy to trust again, but still I did. I’d risked my heart again.

Darling, where did we gone wrong? When did it occurred to you that this is not what you want anymore? And why did I ignore all the signs for the second time around. When will I ever learn my lesson.

But maybe I’m asking all the wrong questions, maybe the right questions are, did you ever forget about her? Did you really love me or did you just mistook it for love because I was there? You were afraid to be alone with all the changes in your life that’s why it’s convenient for me to be around. You just need someone who will support you and you mistook it for love.

You’re right, I don’t deserve someone like you. I deserve someone who will be thankful he has me in his life instead of thinking I deserve someone else. I deserve someone who will make me a priority. I deserve someone who will be loyal and faithful and honest. I deserve someone who will see me as a blessing and will not let me go. I deserve someone who will fight for me. I deserve someone who will love me for who I am. I deserve someone special

Burn the books and all the letters that I gave you, together with all the memories that we had, but please don’t burn the lessons we learned along the way.

Don’t play the songs that we like listening together, instead create a playlist that remind you of who you are today.

You don’t need to wear all the watches I gave you, but don’t forget how special time is.

They say for you to be able to forgive someone you should walk into their shoes. Maybe that’s what you did, that’s why you forgave her. You realized that you were not perfect as well.

I don’t want to understand; I don’t want to forgive you because you don’t deserve it. I tried to walk into your shoes, but I can’t, I will never understand. I stopped asking all the questions that will never be answered I got tired of being angry, and that’s not who I am, that’s why I chose to forgive you, not for your sake but to make peace to myself.

Baby, I need to move on now, I need to let go and thank you for all the lessons, I’m ready to step out of my comfort zone now. I’m ready to create my own future.

Freedom is my nature and always was.

From the best person you’ve ever met.

Anonymously submitted to ArtParasites

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