Berlin Art Week: What To Look For Amid The Chaos

Going into a restaurant for the very first time can be as exciting as it can be intimidating—with so much on the menu and only one stomach to fill, what plate will you go for that will determine your overall impression of the place? Berlin Art Week comes to us in similar terms. With the many official events happening here and the plenty unofficial events happening there, it could intimidate even the hungriest of multitaskers. We therefore bring you the Artparasites' appetizer platter, giving you a taste of some of the art that will be on display, without filling your belly before the main course next week!

Previewing Preview

In its ninth year of existence Preview Berlin has already made it’s name as a formidable fair in the Berlin art scene. With hopes to top last years attendance of 17,000 and with a brand new location for 2013, Preview promises to showcase both established galleries and stand-alone new comers – this will be one for the history books, featuring some of the the best galleries from over 18 countries! These are some of its highlights:

We will come face to face with Harding Meyers work at Preview. Photo: courtesy of Jarmuschek + Partner

Touch the sky with artists Patrick Cierpka and Olivier Gröne: the memories of being a child, eyes closed, sun blinding running carelessly through the woods. While they play we can discover the strange and somewhat bizarre experiments of Dieter Lutsch and admire Carina Linge’s masterpiece photos of the famous painted counterparts. The multi-layered face paintings of Harding Meyer will leave you recognizing yourself in the isolated faces of others; be prepared for a staring contests (warning: you will lose). 

Bodo Rott's children will be vying for center stage at Preview. Photo: courtesy of Galerie Villa Köppe

With a flare for drama, the theatrical sculptures of Julius Dörner fight for center stage with Jens-Ole Remmer’s tongue-in-cheek pop works. While they battle it out, the bold and bizarre children wait behind velvet curtains with Bodo Rott (who explained his relationship his 'kids' here) and Janes Haid-Schmallenberg- ready to claim the spotlight for themselves! Don’t worry guys, there’s a role for everyone!

Anja Sieber rolls her work into Preview Berlin. Photo: Bernd Borchardt, Berlin

Serving up the fragile talents of Birgit Ginkel to prove healing with art is possible while the many layers of Anja Sieber, Judith Hellwig and Reglinde Rauskolb will stress the importance of process in their works.

Don't miss Gerard Waskievitz at Preview Berlin. Photo: Chris Phillips

​We’ve already been plunged once into the depths of Gerard Waskievitz  (check out our inside look into his studio here). This time he will be alongside Ulrike Pilsch’s deeply moving paintings. Before you can take a breath from the depths of those emotions, Emel Geris and Nanako Shikata’s film noire worlds of cartoons and scenes of midnight will leave you light headed and gasping for more.

A Taste Of Berliner Liste

In it's tenth year of existence, Berliner Liste Art Fair presents 131 artists from 30 countries to an international audience. With its industrial atmosphere, Kraftwerk Berlin will host the talents of every medium (note: there a special focus on photography this year!). While the beloved Mr. Funken filled Artparasites in on the process of curating Berliner Liste, there are some things you just have to see for yourself:

"Ponyhof" by Marcus Scheunemann. Photo courtesy of Artcurator.ru Gallery

Painter Marcus Scheunemann's land of ponies, polar bears and toe lickers are brought into the spotlight. Playfully seductive yet seemingly incongruent, his works offers a treat that will have the viewers either in bliss or confusion as they pull their hair over what it all means (It all means nothing, by the way…or does it?).

franziska strauss will be baring all for Berliner Liste. Photo: courtesy of the artist.

With Franziska Strauss we unlace the ballet shoes for a bare human look at movement, kindness and love lost. Our interview gets the inside look into how she transitioned from the dance floor into a photography studio. Perhaps inevitably, both art forms often fuse within her work.  

The Main Course

Did that open your art appetite? Because there's plenty more where that came from. Beginning on Monday the Artparasites team will be bringing you the scoop of Berlin Art Week with live updates, behind the scenes footage and interviews on the spot with artists, gallerists and collectors. Follow us on our social media channels and don't miss a tweet—we have plenty of surprises in store!

Article by Tristan Boisvert

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