A Poem For All Those Who Have A Hard Time Saying Goodbye

Artwork by Christine Wu


I have gotten used to saying goodbye

But to travel light

Can be heavier than it seems

You always sell your stuff

Free your stuff

Give away that pair of shoes

Pass over this set of plates

And voila,

Your life fits again in only three boxes.

I have gotten used to saying farewell

I will see you again


Kiss all the bridges and gates for me

Forget me not;

Gotten used to keeping my mind alert

My baggage easy

And my memories inside my iPhone

To telling myself

The eye has to travel

So that my stories can unravel

But sometimes distance kills the best of intentions

Sometimes the home you find

Is different than the home you dreamt of

I like airports when it’s sunny

They remind me of summer


A life looked from afar

The promise that the Earth is round

And the hope that distance

Is only jet lag

Before coming back.


A Life Of Break-Ups 

Ioana Cristina Casapu is the Managing Director of Art Parasites Magazine. She likes Brian Eno, airports and never says no to a good old Gin&Tonic. 

Read all her stories and poetry here.




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