20 Signs You’re Falling in Love

Painting by Markus Huemer

Painting by Markus Huemer

How do you know?

When you sit in an endless abyss of bliss, listening to love songs, creating playlists of pure soul melting sound.

When you want to give him compliments weaved with awe and that word “love,” every day. Because you find joy in telling him how he makes you feel, he drums out the beat in time to the rhythm of your heart.

When thoughts of him project from your heart to your mind on an endlessly repeating reel.

When your dreams are of him, embraced in your arms, his fingers trailing along your soul.

When you’re surprised heaven isn’t a place on earth…or maybe it is?

When your heart feels tight, because it’s about to burst! Full up of this ever growing and developing feeling.

When his smile shines brighter then every sunrise; the dawn of his smile is the dawn of this feeling and your own sweet smile. It draws you in – you’re addicted to his light.

When he comes close and all you can do is tremble, anticipating his touch, his soul colliding into yours as your eyes reach into each other.

When all you want him to do is kiss you harder and hold you closer – until you become one, consumed by his arms, his lips, kissing away every doubt you’ve ever had.

When every time you see him, it’s like the first time your eyes glimpsed a clear night sky– and like the stars he only grows more and more lovely.

When you burst into song and serenade everyone and anyone, when your twirl and dance through the rooms of your house, the corridors of your work, school, across the streets, into shops – spontaneously. Just because that it what he does to you.

When you worry he’s going to change his mind and leave, like you’ve never worried before – and to know his leaving would destroy you – but you tell him your worries, and he whispers he’s not going to change his mind anytime soon and only pulls you closer, deeper.

When all you want to do is try to put everything into words, because “Oh lord, I love you,” is not even big enough for everything that is blooming up from the depths of your soul. It’s as if every flower in the world is this feeling growing within you – and his love is the sunlight making the petals uncurl from their buds.

When everything that matters most to you fits in the palm of your hand.

When you realize, if he wanted you too, you would feel this for him for the rest of your life- and wow that’s amazing, that power, that rainbow of light. In fact, when you know you would feel this feeling for him even longer then the time it would take to count every star, in every universe.

When every other thing that makes you happy, also reminds you of him, even if absolutely completely unrelated – because you see he is the definition of happy, your happy.

When the direction to his house, is the path to immense glee, the wind blows you there, mother nature in on it too. When your footsteps along the way leave a multiplying trail of love hearts.

When you look up at night and see how the twinkling of the stars is timed by the common pulse of this blossoming feeling.

That is how you know you are in love.

Anonymously submitted to ArtParasites