WYE Yes I Do Like Hula Hoops!

Hula Hooping is the way to go – an almost stationary exercise that provides not only abdominal muscle strengthening, but may also be good for improving your mood! No wonder the coordinators behind the WYE, a new art collective in Berlin, have set out to highlight the artistic impulse behind hula hooping – and, of course, its benefits. Join BAPS writer Morgan Meaker as she traverses through this new up-and-coming art collective with photographer Fede Graciano

Outside of the building where the new art collective is. Are you ready to go inside?

With a launch date scheduled for next month, the WYE is a project that is firmly in its incipient and formative stage. Yet as we swum in the sea of space contained within the walls of Skalitzer Strasse’s old post office it was hard to resist being immediately infected by the atmosphere of excitement which glistened mischievously in the eyes of Inken, our guide for the day and one third of what she refers to as the “magic triangle;” the three women at the center of the project (Inken, Lea and Verity). Their logo forms a manifestation of their aims; the intersecting lines symbolizing the anticipated unification not only of a variety of art forms but also of diverse audiences.

Inken, part of the trio responsible for the whole project.

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