To The Woman Who Was A Keeper But Whose Man Was Not

Artwork by You Are Rockstar

Artwork by You Are Rockstar

If you can imagine a number of women who have been dumped and had their hearts broken just because their love for someone was not mutual, you’d still be counting a year later.

I realize you are spending nights crying and regretting. You ask what you did wrong and question whether you deserved it. The answer is you didn’t but this had to happen.

Just the other day, I was talking with a friend about how she is doing after her breakup. She said, “I was ready to give him everything, to be his completely, but I guess he didn’t appreciate that much love.”

Regardless of whether or not I agree with her – I personally think you should always guard a part of yourself – I know that when you love someone truly, you want to give him your all. You show him that you are an open book and let him know that all he has to do is reach out to read you.

All I could hear the other day was that she was a keeper but he was not.

Women everywhere give too much sometimes without thinking. It is often because they are madly in love and don’t notice that he doesn’t answer his phone with the same enthusiasm they do, or that he shows no interest in their dreams, or that he questions their most innocent actions. When women are madly in love, they sometimes don’t notice the signs that someone hasn’t fallen as deeply in return and when they realize it, the shock is too much for them.

But then you tell them to move on and they don’t know how. How can someone move on after a part of his has been left thrown away?

Now you tell them that they should move on because heartbreaks can make your mind grow, while regret can make you wilt. Don’t let someone turn off your light.
Next you tell them to do it because a heart as big as theirs, the heart of a keeper with that much devotion, is made for love. Maybe the breakup was just an alarm to wake you up, set you free and tell you to love yourself more now and maybe then you’ll get that you deserve: not someone who makes you think you should feel lucky he ever liked you, because believe me, no one deserves to feel like that. We all deserve to feel truly loved.

Move on dear, because you deserve to be happy in your life, there are so many things you can do in this life and your life can’t end over a man. Move on because a relationship wasn’t the only thing you are meant for, instead your ambitions and dreams are.

This is a dedication to all the women I’ve encountered who loved too much but weren’t loved back, who gave too much but only took Some memories and a heartbreak and a feeling that all this time have been wasted on someone who wasn’t worthy a minute.
Mariem Sherif is an Egyptian medical student who believes that words can heal a wound, that in each and every one of us there is something special and that in details lies another great different life for those who notice.