Why I’m Attracted to “Weak” Guys

Artwork by  Gino Rubert

Artwork by Gino Rubert

What’s the difference between guys and girls?

There’s none.

Feminism is an idea of bringing both men and women into equality.

I was born in a family with 4 girls and 1 guy. Usually I don’t have to be compared to boys. I’m used to speak up for myself in a big group. I thought that was simply how a normal individual should do, like everyone of you should do.

But now I’m starting to struggle. I’m struggling about the bizarre emotions that I have when I try to fit in this society, especially in the Asian society. I feel anxious if I have shown too much ambition or toughness; I feel confused when I’m expected to seek help from men; I feel embarrassed when I see the expressions of guys if I try to offer help or take the lead.

I’m sick of these emotions that we shouldn’t be bearing with.

If girls aren’t assumed to be “weaker” or less capable, guys don’t have to worry about themselves for not being strong all the time. If girls can accept the fact that guys do also have vulnerability and emotions, guys don’t have to pretend to stay secured and rational. If we dare to be who we truly are, we don’t have to be altered and ruined by any unreasonable stereotypes.

A man who embraces his vulnerability, is sexy and seductive to me. He knows the fact that he is not turning weaker when he discloses his difficulties. He dares to confront them because he has a strong sense of self. Guys have the same right of showing emotions like us. They shouldn’t tolerate more stress or irrationality from girls because they are a “man”.

Equality is a concept of ensuring the same treatment on two individuals. Simple as that, because there’s no difference between men and women.

Submitted to ArtParasites by Lily Jim