Are People Ever Made For Each other?

Sculpture by Ron Mueck

Sculpture by Ron Mueck

I keep hearing people say things like, “we are made for each other.” Sometimes its a declaration of love or an argument to avoid heartbreak, but I have to ask myself, “In which sense?”

Which aspects make all these people think that some person is made just for them?

I guess maybe this is an absurd question for most people, because I suppose that when they say these kind of things they are talking about everything. But what if someone is made for you in an exclusively physical way?

Fortunately, I’ve been there, thinking someone is made for me, in all aspects, but recently I’ve been thinking about the concept mostly in terms of lost puzzle pieces, not in a sentimental way, but in a geometrical way. Which pieces were made for me or that person that is anthropologically made for me?

I had my first kiss very late, at 15, I think that’s part of the reason I’ve always been a big fan of hugs. Before my first kiss I had “boyfriends” which replace kisses for hugs, and I think that felt as good as a kiss. A lot of times I’d prefer a hug than a kiss, and when I prefer a kiss, I can’t give it without a hug.

Two years later, after my first and a lot of other kisses, my first and only real relationship took place. A real enigma. I remember this special time, long before I knew what this man would be for me, we had this moment in the middle of the high school yard, he gave me the best and most memorable hug I’ve ever received. I remember I felt like I was in this magical, most comfortable blanket. I felt like I was about to sleep with a big smile on my face, I remember I thought I could stay forever in that place. That’s the very first moment I knew he was made for me, geometrically made for me.

That relationship kept going for the next 3 years, that puzzle piece gave me the best moments of my life, so far. Every person around us was jealous. Apart from the big love we had for each other, we were, we looked so good together.

When we kissed, hugged, held hands or simply felt each other’s feet, we felt everything was in the right place. How everything physically fitted, every part of his body with every part of mine. Like a puzzle, like the other half. Like the east coast of America with the west coast of Europe and Africa. That’s how our love felt, like a big strong continent. And, of course, the force of nature broke us apart, like it did with Pangea.

After the destruction of that big love continent, I thought, he was my only America piece, then I found another half, a really comfortable one, I didn’t felt a lot about this puzzle piece, but like I said before, physically, geometrically, he was made for me too. And then again, I felt all this really sweet, comfy, good hugs and kisses. Thanks to this one, I discovered we all have a lot of lost puzzle pieces. After a while, without even thinking about it, I found an even more fitted piece, his arms are like a really soft and warm blanket, his chest is like a pillow specially made for me, he has the perfect form that makes me think I could spent the rest of my life there, the anatomy that fits perfectly with mine. Like we’ve been measured to fit perfectly to each other. Like he was hand made especially for me and I was for him.

All these pieces, like a magic mattress, like a comfortable cloud, the ones we think about when we are about to sleep, or when we woke up and stared a few minutes at the ceiling, the ones we want to rest on after a rough day, or the warm blankets we want to be covered in when we are sick. That other half, that person, the perfect, comfortable surface I feel I could live in.

He, the perfect piece, my other perfect half, like the past one, and the one before that. I’ve been there, making me feel like home, a really sweet home in his arms. I’ve found them, and they’ve found me… and that’s how we keep living, that’s what part of life is all about…going through life looking, discovering our missing pieces, that at the end, forms the whole picture of us.

Written by Lauren Félix