What Is Your Place Of Protection: Take Part In The Art Here!

Mia Florentine Weiss is an artist with an absofuckinglutely crazy story. Fueled by both her search for protection and passion for creative expression, she's traveled the world for more than a decade (2000-2012) asking one simple yet profound question to those she would encounter: "What is your place of protection?" From the answers retrieved, one stood out as the greatest common denominator for safety and love: the bed. It is here were we disappear every night and reappear every morning; the space where we negotiate our dreams, our passions, our privacy, our insecurities and sometimes––under the cushion––even our finances! Fortunately or unfortunately, our present-day globalized, internet-driven society seems to be changing what the bed means for us. 

As part of her three-day gallery weekend exhibition, "Peace Never Sleeps," Mia Florentine Weiss will be performing her piece "Digital Autism." For this performance, she will be confined to her bed for the entire duration of the exhibition. Her "Bed of Peace," as she calls it, has a history: it came from an isolation cell of a German prison in Kassel which, up until its closure in 2010, hundreds of prisoners have used and where the artist first staged this "Peace Never Sleeps" performance at Documenta 13.

For this instance, however, her only means of communication will come through this channel. That's right, even though she will be publicly present at the exhibition, she will also be absent to the passersby and only virtually available through the comments box underneath this article! 

You can become a part of this performance here by writing your thoughts & concerns regarding your own place of protection. Here are the times when Mia Florentine will be virtually present on BAPs to interact with readers: Thursday April 25th6-9pm [opening of "Peace Never Sleeps"], Friday April 26th through Sunday April 28th11am-7pm. For those of you who would like to engage in a private dialogue with Mia Florentine, please send your responses & comments to Peace@art-protector.com.