Weekend Opening Tour 9th/10th March

 Friday 9th:
 Check out the galleries on our map & follow our Friday Opening Tour

  • Arratia Beer Group Exhibition  -“AutoconßtrukSchön” 6pm
    Mixed mediums of art in the mixed area of Kreuzberg.
  • BQ Andrew Kerr – “Haul in, Cousin” 6pm – 9pm
    What will the scottish artist Kerr’s works be? Painting, sculture, drawing or all of the above?
  • Duve Evan Gruzis – “Alpha Wave” 6pm -9pm
    Neon nights revealed in the high contrast images at this exhibition.
  • Galerie Barbara Thumm Ann-Sofi Sidén – “Curtain Callers ” 7pm – 9pm 
    Drama Queen alert? These video installations are packed with emotion.
  • Galerie Jette Rudolph Alex Tennigkeit – “A Hint of Lightness” 6pm – 10pm 
    No this is not a nightmare but Alex Tennigkeit’s paintings have a dark side that may leave you unsettled!

    Cool Place nearby:
    Bar Babette Bar in a  huge glas cube

  • Galerie Lena Brüning Group Exhibition – “Editionen” 7pm – 9pm
     Colourful, crazy, dark and light, surrealist, realist, abstract, idealist – paintings of all kind from different artists!
  • Galerie Nordenhake Michael Schmidt – “89/90″ 6pm – 9pm 
     It’s a black and white world through the camera of Michael Schmidt.
  • Galerija Gregor Podnar Anne Neukamp – “mit oder ohne”
     What images lie beneath the paintings of Anne Neukamp? You will be with or without a clue!
  • Klemm’s Adrian Sauer – “A-Z” 6pm – 9pm 
     The photographer and painter Adrian Sauer explores art in our digital age.
  • Sommer & Kohl Tony Just – “Sentimental Agitprop” 6pm – 9pm 
    If the eyes are the window to the soul, what are Tony Just’s painted eyes telling us about him? Maybe the answer is in his other colourful paintings?
Saturday 10th:

  • Chert Heike Kabisch – “Deep down into the Ditch” 7pm
    Warning: the realism of these installations and sculptures may cause discomfort!

    Fancy place nearby:

  • Spindler & Klatt bar/restaurant right on the river Spree
  • Essays and Observations Galerie C&V – “Another Decade of California Color: Suitable for Framing” 7pm
    Investigation into the missing “i”…it’s a mystery, we’ll leave it for you to work out!