Weekend Opening Tour 31st May – 2nd June

Gallery openings this weekend are varied in their time and space! They look back at the past, examine the present and delve into the unknown of the future. Don’t waste your time, choose a good opening in the present and go to it. Make memories of the past to remember in the future!

Thursday 31st Openings:

Galerie OPEN Group Exhibition “CONSTRUCTION / BUILDING”, 7 – 10pm

Can you distinguish reality from simulation in our modern society? This exhibition explores the blurry boundaries of our environments!

Haus der Kulturen der Welt Group Exhibition “A Blind Spot”, 4pm

As part of the Berlin Documentary Forum, this exhibition takes a look at the absence in images, the unseen areas!

Kwadrat Ernie Luley  “Sexy in Love”, 5 – 10pm

SEX…this exhibition now has your attention and will probably hold it as its paintings explore sex and love, topics which have fascinated us since the beginning of time!

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Friday 1st Openings:

Alexander Levy Felix Kiessling “Tür und Stern”, 6 – 9pm

Kiessling presents two medias in an installation designed for the space. The exhibition aims to reshape the viewer’s way of seeing, be prepared to open your mind and eyes!

Autocenter Group Exhibition “Picasso Grid”, 8pm
Looking back at the master painter Picasso, if the artists of this exhibition have taken a leaf out of his rule book, we can expect great things from this show!

Barbara Thumm “Teresa Burga & Anna Oppermann”, 7 – 9pm

Girl power is not just a thing of the present. This exhibition explores the works of two influential female artists from the 70s whose works are still highly relevant.

Helmut Newton Foundation Helmut Newton “White Women/Sleepless Nights/Big Nudes” 8pm
Helmut Newton’s innovative fashion photogprahy can now be seen in a collection of three individual publications ranging through the years of his career. The three collections from three different stages in the photogrpaher’s career have never before been exhibited together, so get excited!

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Saturday 2nd Openings:

Johann König  Ydessa Hendeles “The Bird that Made the Breeze to Blow”, 6 – 9pm

This exhibition uses cultural iconography to explore power and is the artists first show as artist not curator, how will it go?

Neuer Berliner Kunstverein Group Exhibition “The Future Archive”, 7pm

Art from the past, from the future? The n.b.k takes a look at artistic research projects from the 60s and 70s which were incredibily ahead of their time. No they didn’t invent the ipod, but they were almost futuristic!

PSM Nathan Peter “Manifold” 6 – 9pm

Nathan Peter’s paintings go beyond the walls and canvas and enter the room. The Artparasites will be there, watch out for our camera!

Laura Mars Grp. Lisa Endriss “Odd Space II”, 8pm
Who remembers the 90s? The bad hair, the bad clothes…..the good art! Lisa Endriss shows ther abstract geometric paintings from this era.

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