Weekend Forecast: Heavy Art Storm Is Coming!

From performance art to sculpture, this week's openings couldn't get any more diverse. There's no shortage of free alcohol, free soup (again), sexual innuendos and monkeys in costume – there's something for everyone!

Thursday, October 3rd, 2013

Pop-Up Gallery Finissage at MRS. T  – "Night Air Has the Strangest Flavour" Gathering  – 6pm

Pop-up Art Gallery Berlin is showcasing nine artists at their exhibition space in Schöneberg. Featuring the dreamy, glitter induced sculptural work of Sadie Weis, the provocative photographs by Sash S. and the diary-esque images by Elvira Bukowski, this exhibition promises to be distinctive. They also welcome us with a "fully stocked drinks bar," so come one, come all!

Prinzessinnengarten – "The Phylogenesis of Generosity" Opening – 2pm

This experimental outdoor exhibition in a community garden features twenty-five international artists working with a variety of media, from outdoor sculpture and painting to performance art. The press release is pretty wordy, so we'd advise you click the exhibition link above, take a read and be amazed by the various synonyms.

Praxes Center for Contemporary Art  – "Early works by Gerard Byrne" Opening – 2pm

In this extensive exhibition of his work, Gerard Byrne uses a wide range of media to explore Theater, Photography and magazines. If the Praxes website itself is anything to go by, this opening promises to be beautiful.

Friday, October 4th, 2013

Autocenter – "Equitable Life" Opening – 8pm

Adina Popescu's solo exhibition consists of "a trailer, a commercial and a first prototype of the set design for her upcoming Horror/Sci-fi Movie, 'Her Masters Voice', that will be shot in Berlin (2014) with Christopher Doyle. The edit of the trailer to the film is inspired by commercials for corporations, banks and life insurances." We're excited to see the way Popescu mixes object and space through audio/visual media in this exhibition.

Haus am Waldsee – "Nonstoppainting" Opening – 11am

Swiss painter Christine Streuli's solo show contains elements of graphics, color, geometry and patterns. She draws inspiration from the Internet, advertising and printed textiles from around the world. Her paintings are pretty cray and all over the place – but in the best way possible.

Art Private Room – "Two Positions" Opening – 6pm

Roy F. Woelfer, whose work is filled with sexual innuendos disguised in abstract shapes (naturally, we're fans) within his acrylic scenes of steelworks. He exhibits alongside Carlo Deperu, an expressive painter who seems to have a thing for monkeys dressed in disguise. To each their own!

Saturday, October 5th, 2013

Kreuzberg Pavillon – "Лайка" Opening – 8pm

Not only does Kreuzberg Pavillon consistently offer us tremendous art and "delicious rich soup." Лайка, an exhibition displaying the work of Robert Barta, Mineo Kato and Thomas Behling makes for an unusual combination. Barta's installations alongside Kato's photography and Behling's illustrations are rather perplexing to the eye and mind which, of course, makes us even more interested.

Esther Schipper – "Serious Immobilities – A New Composition" Performances – 11am – 6pm

A composition by Ari Benjamin Meyers will be performed throughout the exhibition on Saturday. In the mean time, the instruments and abandoned props will become part of the exhibition. It's pretty mysterious, but that's cool. Everyone will probably be dressed in black. Real cool.

Gerhardsen Gerner – "Loneliness is a cloak you wear, a deep shade of blue is always there" Opening – 11am

You'd usually see Lothar Hempel focusing on mixed media work, but he puts the spotlight on painting for the first time in this exhibition. Hempel explains the work in this solo show: "These women emerge only with and through the pictures and yet it seems like I have known them for ages." The human figure has a strong presence in Hempel's work and we're interested to see if we can make a personal connection with the women in these paintings.

Article by Anu Ambasna