Trapped in a Chamber

Last Friday, the public had the chance to visit the opening of Miha Erma’s exhibition ”A Room with no Echoes” at Galerie Kuchling. After an intense research of sounds, the Slovenian artist decided to do artwork on the theme of silence. He then locked himself in an anechoic chamber, a place acoustically isolated with walls built to absorb all sounds. Between the darkness of the room, he had to face himself and his fears while listening to the sounds produced by his own body. So what does this look like?

Anechoic Chamber

Photo: the inside of an anechoic chamber (Wikipedia)

This experience taught him that absolute silence is impossible, inspiring him to develop a performance about his perception of the self and the body inside the chambers. Then, with the same concept, he created a series of images that reflects his subjective experience of facing an anechoic room. Those images are currently being exhibited at Galerie Kuchling. When visiting the gallery, you can feel how it would be to be inside an anechoic chamber. The black and white photographs of Miha recreate a journey of self-discovering. Some long-exposure images registered the body movements of his performance. This brings the visitor to experience Miha’s subjective implementation of his own experience inside a room with no echoes. To know more about the artist and his work you can check our interview with him ahead of his opening here.

If you didn’t have a chance to visit the exhibition yet, there is still plenty of time. Two videos are still being prepared and will be displayed in August. And if you have visited the exhibition and you are curious to see what Miha is up to now, we have a hint: He is still doing some sound research, currently recording sounds in places that give him peace – such as lakes and woods in the countryside of Berlin. If you’ve recently spotted someone with what looks like recording equipment and a serene look on his face, it may just be Miha.

  • Galerie Kuchling “Room with no Echo,” Miha Erman. Opens July 14th and runs until August 11th 2012.