Top 5 Berlin Bars And Art Cafes

With these bitter, cold winter months drawing in, the need for a warm safe havens is especially urgent! What better way to warm up than in a cosy cafe or bar with a hot chocolate (or a hot toddy) while checking out the latest contemporary artwork that the Berlin art scene has to offer? We bring you our list of the Top 5 Berlin Bars and Cafes with Art. No need to hang out only on the East-side of Berlin, we've got awesome art spots from different districts (you heard correctly, sorry hardcore Kreuzberg and Neukölln fans) to beat those winter blues.

5. ORi bar

ORi Bar, cosy for those dark winter afternoons Photo: ORi 

Situated in Neukölln (we had to include one), ORi has been six years strong of “events, art and culture, politics, collective organizing, assorted mayhem, beautiful nights and many great people.” As well as (obviously) a bar, there is also a Reading Stage held every Thursday, giving authors a chance to showcase their work. There are also many regular diverse events. Check out their Facebook page for more info. 

4. Cafe des Artistes

Artist Emilio Fornieles stands by his Marilyn at Café des Artistes. Photo Chris Phillips

If you fancy somewhere a little more upmarket where you can enjoy fine wine or champagne, perhaps on a trip with your visiting parents or wealthy boss, look no further than Cafe des Artistes. Here is the the perfect place to soak up some culture before heading to the KaDeWe for kaffee und kuchen. The complete antithesis to all things Kreuzberg; make sure you put on your best trainers and ditch the tote bag before you come.

3. Panke 

One of artist Linas Kutavicius' 'Lightforms' at Panke Photo: Linas Kutavicius

Panke is a Wedding based, multi-purpose art space and cafe is run by a collective of volunteers aiming to promote creativity in Berlin. Split into four main spaces consisting of a bar/cafe, club/cinema, a gallery and a garden, the bar and cafe is the main activity hub during the week, also hosting DJ nights in the evening. Panke's focuses are art, music, film, technology, performances, collaborations and workshops, so virtually every creative whim is catered for. 

2. Cafe Krone

Photo: Courtesty of Cafe Krone

This cafe may only have a few renaissance fakes adoring the walls but nothing sums up Prenzlauerberg better than the brick and brass architecture of Cafe Krone. Located across from tourist hot-spot Mauer park. The antique wood tables, candle holders and fine selection of liquors gives the next Hemingway inspiration to write and drunkenly hackle other guests.

1. f.u.c Bar

Fragments of Urban Culture Bar, a.k.a f.u.c Bar is also an exciting arts venue which changes its exhibitions weekly. Filled with taxidermy, a host of art enthusiasts and more babes crammed into one space than we have ever witnessed before.

 International street artists at work doing a live performance at Fuc Bar Photo: Philip Husemann 

Article By Marie J Burrows and Updated by Ken Greenwood