‘Tis The Season: Top 5 Holiday Art Activities

Celebrating Christmas in Berlin can be confusing for non-natives, namely because Germans celebrate Wiehnacht on December 24th. The holiday season can also be difficult for art enthusiasts, both local and foreign, who are searching for ways to remain active on the cultural circuit. Worry not, there is still time to celebrate, and Berlin offers a range of interesting options to spend on your traditional Christmas day of the 25th. Below we bring you the best art-related holiday outings for the upcoming days:

Visit me Collectors Room

The current exhibition at me Collectors Room, “Wonderful – Humboldt, Krokodil & Polke” is a firm BAPS office favorite. It has been quite a while since we’ve been so excited about an exhibition, so take the chance to wrap up warm and head to Mitte on the December 23rd or the 25th to see the show. You can even create your own Christmas-Wonder-Bauble whilst you’re there. If the exhibition leaves you wanting more information, be sure to check out our interview with the collector behind the latest exhibition, Thomas Olbricht, here.

The Fish Bowl Christmas Dinner

For those craving turkey with all the trimmings, head over to The Fish Bowl to find just that. Celebrate on the 25th amongst other temporarily-orphaned expat artists, musicians and creatives to indulge in some festive cheer.

Go To Church

Even if you aren’t a Christian, go and admire the beautiful art and architecture inside the incredible Evangelical Cathedral the Berliner Dome on Museum Island. Enjoy midnight mass starting at 11pm on 24th December or choose from a range of other services which can be found here.

Stroll The Berlin Wall

What better way to celebrate the holiday spirit of love and understanding than a romantic stroll amongst the now defunct Berlin wall. Once a symbol of strife and anguish, this relic serves as a reminder of how far Berlin has come in the last couple of decades. If you fancy viewing your art in an unusual festive setting than why not walk the wall in the snow (and keep an eye out for our article on our favorite Berlin wall spots coming soon!).

Stay in an Arty Hotel

Sure Berliners are poor but sexy, but that doesn’t mean we don’t occasionally have the urge to splurge. Consult our Top 5 Art Hotel list and book a one or two night stay in the lap of luxury, hibernating from the bitter Berlin cold beneath the sheets and amongst great art.

Article by Marie J Burrows