Think Outside of the Box

When it comes to contemporary art, there’s nowhere else on earth like Berlin. As day two of Berlin Art Week comes to an end, we bring you the best and the brightest from our on-scene reporters: Incredible art exhibitions ranging from upside-down hanging trees, to brightly colored street art. Where else could you find such a plethora of awesomeness? We take you to locations from Neuer Berliner KunstvereinNeue Nationalgalerie, Duve Berlin to Berlinische Galerie and Skalitzers Contemporary Art. Lucky for you these exhibitions and art spaces will be open all week! Here is what you can expect:

Reorient Yourself: Architecturally

 Neuer Berliner Kunstverein – “Archipel” 12 pm – 6 pm,  Neue Nationalgalerie – “The Box” 10 am – 6 pm

Concrete: the construction material of Berlin’s once most symbolic and seemingly solid structure. Yet, Berlin-based architect Arno Brandlhuber transforms this cold, hard substance and gives it fluidity, as if he froze a moment during the melting of the Berlin Wall, in his current exhibition at Neuer Berliner Kunstverein.  

Brandlhuber’s walk-in sculpture, “Archipel,” converts Neuer Berliner Kunstverein into an alienating and insular urban site. Mirrored walls encasing the sculpture intensify its estranging effects. The installation also combines elements from previous exhibitions at the gallery, including Olafur Elliason’s Forever Lamp, thereby encouraging you to dislocate yourself from space and time within this sculptural rendering of dystopian Berlin.

Continue your architecturally-oriented art tour with a jaunt over to Paul McCarthy’s installation “The Box” at Neue Nationalgalerie. Not to be confused with the Beatles sensation, McCarthy produced an exact replica of his studio inside an enormous wooden crate. Although he reproduced the visual chaos of his sanctuary to a frighteningly realistic degree (with over 3,000 objects!), McCarthy does not allow you to enter his artistic den with ease. Rotated 90 degrees, the cluttered interior of “The Box” will be sure to throw you into a disorienting tizzy. Are you ready for the spin?

Report by: Patricia Restrepo

It’s Raw, It’s Street, It’s Skalitzers

Skalitzers Contemporary Art – SKALITZERS PREVIEW 1 pm – 7 pm

lovely_gallerists_rory_schmitz_and_kelly_reiffer_posing_in_front_of_artist_danny_gretschers_workGallerists Rory Schmitz and Kelly Reiffer in front of Danny Gretscher’s work Photo by: Adele Barnau

Now that’s a cool spot for an art gallery! Skalitzers Contemporary Art recently moved to a 360sqm large space located at the old Railway Workshops on Revaler Strasse. And today was the grand opening! All the artists exhibiting at the gallery have a street art background and display their works both, in galleries and in public spaces.

Make sure to drop by during Berlin Art Week as some of the current exhibiting artists will be present. You can definitely find charming Kelly and Rory there. And they are more than happy to share their passion for tags over a glass of wine with you. The opening today is set to be casual and relaxed. So, if you are in the mood for cool art and lovely gallerists, Skalitzers is your spot for today!

Report by: Adele Barnau

The True Contemporary

Duve Berlin – ”Not Safe For Work” 12 pm – 4 pm,  Berlinische Galerie

baw-1_copyExhibition “Not Safe for Work” at DUVE Berlin Photo by: Marie Burrows

Continuing to visit the best that Berlin’s Art Week has to offer, today we visited the newly reopened Duve Berlin gallery in Kreuzberg. Their current show “Not Safe For Work”comprises of pieces by some of the gallerist’s favorite contemporary artists, although the show is not presented as having an underlying theme but rather encouraging the individuality and variety of the artists. The overall feel of the exhibition is minimal, abstract and conceptual, and despite not having a so called “theme” the collection works in a strange harmony, exploring what it means to be a modern artist and throwing caution to the wind in terms of themes and just deciding that yes- this looks good together, why not? – a refreshing attitude.

Meanwhile heavyweight of the Berlin art scene Berlinische Galerie is hosting an impressive range of temporary shows as well as its permanent collection. The initial exhibition as you walk in by Michael Sailstorfer entitled “Forst” is particularly captivating – five trees hoisted upside down and hanging from the 10 meter ceiling, slowly rotating on their axis. When you can drag yourself away from this bizarre sight visit the video lounge for the latest installment in the 12×12 video program or marvel at the solemn, poignant work of Alfredo Jaar focusing on powerful political and humanitarian issues including the horrific large scale genocide of approximately 800,000 people in Rwanda in the nineties.

Report by: Marie Burrows

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