There’s No Such Thing as a Painless Lesson

Painting by Xevi Sola represented by Magic Beans Gallery

Painting by Xevi Sola represented by Magic Beans Gallery

Sometimes the effects of an action can hurt more than what made us do it. Regret leads to misery and we suffer a lot.

The memories of what has gone hunt us in our sleep, knowing that it is lost forever, and the only thing we can do is live. At some point in our lives we realise that nothing was worthless.

All the pain we’ve been through has taught us one thing; next time we will know how to react in such a situation. Our actions will be different, and therefore so will the effects. We might have lost something, but we have gained something more valuable; experience.

When you’ve found the problem, half of it is solved. It’s the most painful part of the process, but every end needs a start.

Have you understood? You have to find the problem, don’t live like it doesn’t exist and don’t act like everything is fine. Find it and solve it.

Mental hunger has driven many a man crazy. You want something, now. Stray thoughts deter you from work, drawing breath doesn’t reassure your heartbeat. Now. Suddenly you become the hunter. But where is your prey? At home, work, locked in a bank vault? Whatever or whoever it is, you know you can’t have it. And yet you can’t think about anything else, still your body wants to hunt. Oh honey, let me tell you something. You. Are. Obsessed. A want, a need, an addiction. You want it. Now.

What satisfies you, sex? Or rather money? Maybe food, compliments or attention. Whatever it is, we all have desires which can only be fulfilled by seemingly one thing. But if you took a closer look at your feelings, if you started to reflect on yourself, maybe you would realize that this craving is far deeper than just a need to feel good for a short time.

Sometimes you are trying to fill a whole with transient things. Consequently, you will always end up feeling this hunger and never being completely satisfied.

Story by Hagr Arobei