The Sexy Art Fair

At the Berliner Liste 2012, the fair for contemporary art taking place at MUMA, one can find a great amount of new and interesting artists, but what really got our attention the most was the sexy element in a big part of the works. Well, the sexier, the better! Today is your last chance to catch the Berliner Liste Art Fair, which will be open until 7pm. Don’t miss your chance to get sexy back into your art life!

One of the first things we saw was Uwe Kempen’s work, the first photographer to take pictures of nude models in public places. According to his assistant, he likes to stop the traffic, cause trouble and, of course, provoke the viewers with pictures mixing nude women and religious objects. The work is polemic, but no doubt it is also sexy.

Heavy Metal, Sex and Catholicism

And speaking of sex and religion, we found another artist that combine those two elements, but in a totally different way. We are talking about Karine Schneider, a french catholic painter, who has actually a strong message to the catholic church: Sex should not be a sin! She combines naked bodies with biblical elements such as apples or snakes and uses a lot of red, “because is the color of love,” she says. When you look at her or her paintings you wouldn’t imagine the kind of music she listens to while working, though: “I need music to paint, strong things, such as Heavy Metal or House,” she revels.

Next, things only got more naughty as we ran smack into the large mural called “Multiple Penetration” by artist Max Orlitsky and couldn’t help but get lost in the twisted bodies.

Max OrlitskyArtist Max Orlitsky poses with his mural with scenes of multiple penetration. Photo: Marcus Johst

But of course the fair is not only made of nude bodies, one can also find a lot of pop art and abstract works. One of the most interesting ones was the collages form Pablo Ocqueteau, a photographer from Chile, who likes to portray street musicians and mix it with pieces of music posters. “I like to do this because I am also a part of this world, I’m also in this adventure of traveling around showing my work”, he explains. 

So, if you want to get to know new stuff, buy art, or maybe just see some beautiful and provoking nude pieces, don’t lose the opportunity of visiting Berliner Liste 2012. It is definitely hot!

*** EDITOR’S NOTE: This just in! A sculpture from Ivan Lardschneider was stolen today at Berliner Liste. If you have any information concerning this, please contact us as soon as possible! Email information to jamb@berlin-artparasites.com 

  • MUMA Berliner Liste Contemporary Art Fair. September 13th – 16th: 12pm – 9pm (Sunday, September 16th closing early at 7pm)

Report by Nathalia Duarte