The Mirror And Reflections On Inner Beauty

Painting by Fatima Ronquillo

Painting by Fatima Ronquillo

It was 4am
When I told myself
I don’t like me
And I looked into the mirror
And I saw
A fat body
With a very average face
A face that didn’t
Turn heads

It was 4am
When I asked
Why am I not like those models?
So I look away
And I see my thighs
The girth of it
It was almost like
An elephant
Wearing clothes

It was 4am
When I cried
Is this why he left me?
So I put on makeup
And a dress which
Covers my thighs
And rolled my hair up
And I smiled at the mirror
Looking still fat, still average

It was 4am
When In pain I said
“Will I never be enough?”
And I kept crying
At my imperfections
At my flaws
At my average face
At the girth of my thighs
And my untoned belly

It was 4am
When I wondered
Is this who I am?
My face
My stomach
The birthmark on my neck
My crooked teeth
My bitten nails
And my dark complexion

It was 4am
And it was then that I knew
I’m not perfect, and it’s fine.
Because even if
I forget it sometimes
And I may think otherwise
But my hips are not me
My dark complexion
Just can’t be me

It was 4am
When I realised
That the mirror lies
There will always be people
Judging you
Not for who you are
But for
What you are



Written by Shireen Dan


30DaysChallenge. Day 3.
“What do you see when you look into the mirror?”