The Life Of A Nude Model

Staying on the topic of erotic art and photography, we wanted to go beyond the lens and the photographer’s angel and get the perspective of the model – the person posing, more than often fully nude, under bright lights. BAPS writer, Morgan Meaker interviewed nude model Ayla Tarrant to get her perspective on what it’s like using her body for art.

Ayla Tarrant
Ayla shows off her backside as the light dims…

“I’m having good hair today” Ayla Tarrant said as she unleashed a mob of curls whilst gazing into the mirror, preparing for her shoot. She is slim and petite, her delicate features and high cheekbones framed by bright red ringlets. She slid her dress off quietly in the corner and padded, barefoot and completely naked to stand obligingly on the paper back drop which carpeted most of the floor.