The Kinds Of Love You Will Meet In This Life

Painting by Jamie Adams

Painting by Jamie Adams

I’ve heard that being content and being happy don’t go hand in hand.

But please give me a reason why content and happy not hold hands as they dance through a woman’s heart?

Everything I do in life is fuelled by love. What kind of love? There are five kinds of love;

  1. The love you feel for strangers
  2. The love you feel for friends
  3. The love you feel for family
  4. The love you feel in romance
  5. The love that engulfs you so completely you feel like you’re drowning underneath the waves

One love is not better than the other; one love does not control you more than the other. Each love feels slightly different, and I have felt each love. Maybe in twenty years, my definition of love will change. Currently, that statement is hard to believe.

Each love leaves you content. Each love gives the soul happiness. Each love can break you. You must be able to hold love within your soul even when the darkest and strongest bolt of lightning attempts to tear your heart and your soul apart.

I have felt these loves, some deeper than others, but there is one that has hit me the hardest; has left me crumpled under layers of blankets trying to hide from the cold darkness left behind by this one man. One man is all it takes to lose faith in love. Yet, I got that love back. I will tell the stories of my love and I hope it helps me, and if you understand what I mean, I hope it helps you too.


This love, though miniscule on the front of your mind, is important.

I have felt this on the street towards the woman who is wandering, lost in her thoughts. I have felt this in a theater, admiring the vivacity of a man acting on stage, doing something he loves. I have felt this towards the woman who I helped when she needed someone, anyone to help who was walking by. I have especially felt this when a man came up to me on a brightly lit New York City street – I was obviously lost.

All of us humans are connected through love. To have a successful, meaningful society where we live for humanity we must embrace this current, this love. The love you feel for strangers is incredibly important.


This love is not spoken nearly enough, but it lies quietly within you, controlling all you do.

I am fortunate to have many friends in my life. I love all of them, whether they are two feet from me, or 3000 miles away. I have felt this love when my best friend is on the couch tears streaming from her face because he left her.

I have felt this love when everyone is back in town from their countless places; when we all gather together to celebrate just being together in person again. I have felt this love through the thousands of conversations.

A friend is something special in life, and the love you feel for friends connects you through thousands of miles. The current that lives connecting all humans is strengthened, pulsing harder and faster for the ones who you share your lives with everyday, once a week, once a month, once a year, once every five years. No matter how much times passes, this strength of love still exists. This love lasts eternally.


This love is precious. I have felt this love when together watching a movie, talking about the landmarks of our life. I have felt this love in the laugh of my little brothers, in the moments my mother has danced, in the moment my stepfather discussed environment with me, in the moment in which my father confessed he still loves a woman from long ago.

I help my family and they help me. They will always hold a place in my heart.

Your family is one of the most important parts of your life. You know you can depend on your family for anything and everything. The love exists from the day you were born, and the current pulses strongly between every member because you have seen each other grow through everything.


This love is fleeting. Romance is complicated. Romance does not last forever. Romance is in a moment, and in these moments, you are connected with another person.

This connection is something you never feel with a stranger, a friend, or a family member. The love you feel in romance takes you by you shirt and pulls you in. The love you feel in romance strips you and holds your naked body as gently as it can. I have felt this love in the moments where we hiked up a mountain and watched the sunrise in the cold summer morning. I have felt this love when you held me as I cried for no reason. I have felt this love over dinner by candlelight. The moment I realized I loved you was the best moment of my life. Falling in this love is the best feeling, nothing but happiness exists.

The love you feel in romance sends the current between two human beings to the skies. It pulses so fast within you; you think your heart will explode. You must hold onto romance. Experience romance as best you can.


The love that engulfs you. I can’t explain this love. It exists with the person who you can love as though you are friends, family, and in a whirl of romance. I’ve felt this once in my life. For a year and half it engulfed me in it ferociously wonderful waves. I felt it when we lay in a bed talking about anything and everything.

I felt it when I threw a pillow at him and screamed at him to leave, but he stayed anyways because he knew I was in a fragile state of mind. I felt it when I held him in my arms when his father was in the hospital. I felt it everyday for a year and a half.

The connection between humans takes over your entire body when you experience the love that engulfs you. It is true love. No love is more important, but this love is true love. And when true love comes, don’t let true love go. But-if you must let true love leave, know that true love will never let you down. He will always be there, loving you and you will always be there loving him.

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