The Handsome-viertel

You wouldn’t think it but there is a strange charm to this quarter. Consisting mainly of non-descript apartment blocks, you would think it to be an unattractive area. However, there is a very peaceful atmosphere, and the place actually felt very relaxing with loads of places to sit outside and enjoy the sun.

Hidden Gems

The apartment blocks, almost like children’s building blocks, conceal great secrets and Unless you know where things are you won’t find them! Hidden at the base of one such apartment block is the Lüttgenmeijer gallery. Completely tucked away from normal eye range and impossible to find unless you know the area or address! I only knew where it was because I had been before. Thankfully Akademie der Kunst was signposted! Though even with the signs it came down to a bit of guess work. Outside the building people were munching on mouth-watering food so I decided to check out some other places to eat! Seeing a sign to “Teehaus im Englischen Garten“. Feeling nostalgic for my own garden in England so decided to check it out! I discovered mych more than expected and there was even a gallery showing the works of Justyna Miklasiewicz!

Rainbow quarter

I felt like there were lots of things hiding from me that I just didn’t see which was quite frustrating. The area even seemed to be devoid of any street art aside from uninspiring graffiti tags. However around the U-Hansaplatz I stumbled upon a few notable pieces which made the area more colourful, especially around Grips Theater which was covered in colourful art! Even the lorry parked outside was completely covered top to bottom! Suddenly I realised that there was much more to be seen in this area!

hansaplatz grafiti
Unexpected street art! Photo: Frances Cragg

A quirky kind of charm

Two big metal sculptures added to the quirky charm of the place, while the colourful mosaic on the side of the U-Hansaplatz building was really something a bit different from your everyday street art and outside art in Berlin! Also unusual were the impressive modern bell-towers which were quite striking! I think this is an area I would like to explore more, maybe I’ll have to come back on a Friday for the Ökomarkt outside the church!

hansaviertel sculpture
Metal madness! Photo: Hans Uhlmann’s “Memorial to an Unknown Knitter of Pullovers”

  • Hansaviertel: U-Hansaplatz, S-Bellvue, S-Tiergarten