Thanks For The Hot Sauce, Lady!

Happy holidays art lovers. It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Not because of the crowds, tree salesman, or subway musicians, but because this is when New York gets spoiled with art exhibits. Every doctor’s office and socialite will have a new wall piece by the end of the year and gallery openers and artist alike will be overjoyed as they hysterically throw wads of money at each other. Don’t have the extra bucks to add that piece you’ve been missing? Don’t worry about. Galleries love having people come in. You add atmosphere. Just think of yourself as a mobile Christmas bulb. And even if galleries are not your thing, you will still have to stop by 511 W 25th street in Chelsea, a building that houses dozens of galleries. It’s the Macy’s of art galleries, complete with a Tesla Car showroom on the ground floor. One of the top galleries in this gallery cluster is Able Fine Art, who is currently showing one of the best international art shows to close off the year.

More than just a Face-lift for your White Wall

Able Fine Art is currently showing the work of Hasako Kobayashi, Jin-Seob Yun and Denise Petit Caplan. Too many cooks in the Kitchen? Not at all my poor friend, let your eyes, instead of your mouth, enjoy these three flavors as they complement each other with their vibrant and bright color palette. Kobayashi’s large colorful wall pieces move and dance like very primitive and beautiful screen savers. They wouldn’t just be a face lift to your white wall, it would be a transformation. Becareful doing this though – with your new piece hung to shape up your wall, you are likely to start reorganizing your house and completely forget about Christmas altogether. Unless of course this was part of your original agenda. It will be our secret – nobody said you can’t love a Grinch. But miss Christmas or not, the color and light that Kobayashi artwork exudes will be a welcome surprise. Consider this before you settle on that wine-a-month membership.

If Kobayashi is the calm cool meal, then Caplan is the hot sauce. Her pieces are very bright and chaotic wall paintings. They are layered with wood and metal and often topped off with poetry and writing sunken in. Her work looks like a burnt 80s yearbook, Or a message from space. It’s very wild and would do great in a room that needs a mood change (teenage daughter maybe?). Make this your entrée of the night. It is a very pleasant filling and will make your trip home after a dream.

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