Talking About This NYC Weekend!

Hey NYC! So the week is finally coming to its end and I bet you can’t wait to see what our suggestions are for the upcoming days. No further delay, here they are:

Thursday June 13, 2013

White Columns – "The Cat Show" Opening – 6pm

Sometimes I'm not sure if cats have always been that popular or if the internet made them stars. Regardless, the kings of Instagram are now the theme of this exhibition held at the White Columns space. It sounds like an event I would go with my mum and nephews – if we weren’t talking about one of the oldest alternative spaces for the arts founded by Jeffrey Lew and Gordon Matta-Clark! The show developed in partnership with the Social Tees Animal Rescue and will feature over 50 artists and adoptable cats, or purr-formers.

Red Door – "Natureficial" Opening – 7pm

The conceptual artist Nate Fish will exhibit his paintings on wood, rock and canvas. The writer, DJ and baseball fan will present works revolving around humor and sports while playing with the interactivity of his installations. Speaking of interactivity, you may also want to knock on the red door and check what’s going on in the bar!


The New Museum – "Artist Talk with Llyn Foulkes" – 7pm

An artist talk may sound pretty relaxed for a Thursday evening, right? Wrong. This rule doesn’t apply when the artist in question is Llyn Foulkes.  Famous for his clever representations of the American fantasy, Foulkes, who has exhibited at Documenta and the Venice Bienalle, will lead a talk about his fifty year career. This event is part of the artist’s current retrospective at the New Museum.

Friday June 14, 2013

Gallery 69 – "Tribeca Urban Arts Showcase 2.0 2013" Opening – 6pm

Whoever shows up at Gallery 69 this weekend will get wild in their three-day event of break dancing, music, and street art. While featuring artists such as Cope2, Nic707, Lava 1&2 and RD357, Tracey 168, and TKid, StayHigh149, their intention is to provide a positive platform to showcase the urban art. Something tells me—perhaps their names that look like passwords—that they have what it takes!

ISSUE Project Room – "The Illuminatory Sound Environment" Opening – 7pm

This Friday promises to be noisy: at 7pm, ISSUE Project Room and Goethe-Institut New York will inaugurate a six-day sound installation including the piece World Premier Rag Infinity/Rag Cosmosis" by the Swedish-American composer, philosopher, scientist, and visual artist Catherine Christer Hennix and Henry Flynt’s "Celestial Power" and "Glissando No. 1." Whatever those mean, prepare your ears!

Mortise & Tenon – "Future Memory" Opening – 8pm

Photographer and visual artist Steph Ziemann—yes, one of our very own NYC-Artparasites photographers—is exhibiting  her paintings, drawings, photographs and mixed media at Mortise & Tenon. Besides the great visuals, you can also enjoy some drinks, vegan snacks and watch the live painting performances to the sound of live music. Basically, all of your senses will be satisfied: you'll definitely want this memory in your future, so don't miss out!

Saturday June 15, 2013

Goethe Institut New York – "Sherapy" Performance – 12pm

So Friday was tough and now you’re looking for peace and salvation? Try some Sherapy! I heard that the Sherry truck is coming to town and you may not want to miss her power of healing. Sherapy sessions are free of charge and she invites artists to display their works in order to create a collaborative energy. Be there early, but if you can't, a pre-registration can be made for a $10 donation.

Open Source – "Keith Miller: Trees" Opening – 7pm

Ok, so you are not into intensive therapy? Then you should take a deep breath and check out the light and movement of the trees portraits by Keith Miller. Give your brain some rest!

REVERSE Space – "Sarah Butler: Official Transcript" – Opening – 8pm

A hybrid of installation, exhibition and ongoing project, in this exhibition the Brooklyn based artist Sarah Butler approaches handwriting as a performance. Not sure on what to expect? Me neither, the more reason to check this one out!

Article by Bel Borst