Take a note!

The project ‘‘Notes of Berlin’’ is a selection of pictures from all the notes that we see daily in the streets. The editor Joab Nist will release his first book with the best photos from the website. ARTCONNECT BERLIN organized the book launch for tonight. It will take place at Boddinstraße 62, starting at 18:00. 

Saying no to Retro-Futuristic Expectations  

The technology fanatics of the 90s promised a world where all the social interaction would be digital. Personal interaction was soon to be doomed and, instead, we would experience a virtual life. Although it didn’t happen yet – and maybe it never will- it’s hard to imagine everyday life in a big city without internet.

But surprisingly people are creative enough to avoid the danger of only existing online. It’s time to create new forms of communication, but also to re-invent old ones. And that is exactly what the project ”Notes of Berlin” is about. The idea is simple: a photo-blog of the interesting notes that people leave in every corner of the city. And the result is fantastic – a collection of all kind of notes and a study about human behaviour. From nice people trying to find their missing pets to haters complaining about everything, everyone has a written voice in the streets of Berlin.

Democratic Art-Works

These short-tales about a shared city are also an opportunity for creative people to make art. Using the format of these notes, they express themselves in different ways. They can either joke with absurd funny notes or promote political statements. Those papers spread around Berlin are a very democratic platform for art; available for everyone to exhibit whatever, whenever and wherever they want to.

Book Trailer: