Sleeping In Style Part 2: Top 5 Berlin Art Hostels

Do you find yourself suffering from a severe lack of visual stimulation in your current habitation? Is your hostel full of endless rows of boring IKEA bunk beds and sterilized white sheets? Do you ever feel like you are staying in a military barracks/ orphanage/ mental asylum? BAPS has the solution to all of your accommodation agonies! From a DDR design hostel frozen in time, to a hostel inspired by Douglas Adam’s “Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy,” we bring your our top 5 pics for the best artsy hostels in Berlin. So grab your backpack and train ticket, artparasites, it’s time to go on a trip!


36-rooms-hostelThe fashionable 36 Rooms Hostel in Kreuzberg, Berlin. Photo:


Money Can’t Buy You Class

36 Rooms– Kreuzberg

Situated near Görlitzer Park in the über trendy Kreuzberg area, 36 Rooms Hostel is an example of the classic Berlin anamoly: old-world glamor with a young, fresh hipster attitude. Housed inside of a restored 1878 townhouse, the hostel exudes a demure but elegant vibe with dim lighting, walls covered in faded, chipped paint and antique velvet couches. If the “Victorian-era” atmosphere goes to your head a bit, I suggest shamelessly busting out your best turn-of-the-century bathing suit and retro swimming cap and sashaying next door for a dip in one of the most awesome indoor pool complexes in Germany, Bad am Spreewaldplatz. Just don’t expect to find a coat-tailed butler in a top hat waiting for you with a hot towel when you get back! With rooms starting at 10 euros, that level of luxury might be a bit of stretch. But hey, no harm in dreaming right?

[Rooms start at 10 euros]

art-hostels-2Irish tourist John Breen at Circus Hostel in Mitte. Photo: Chris Phillips

David Hasselhof and Das Boot

Circus Hostel– Mitte

I have exactly two words for you, FREE. BEER! Yes, I kid you not. As if that wasn’t reason enough to stay at this crazy cool art hostel located right the heart of the Mitte, the staff provide you with every sort of cultural guidance available, from DIY walking tours to their own Berlin Guide called Cwiki and other homemade info material. Oh, and did I mention the art? Where else in this city can you find a hostel with a shrine to David Hasselhoff, indoor street art in the lounge, and a giant beer mug in the shape of a boot? Art and alcohol: two of our favorite past times! You can stay at a million other party hostels in Europe, but if you want to have a nice side heaping of art and culture along with your continuous inebriation, Circus is where you want to be.

[Rooms start at 19 euros]

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