Screw Work, Let’s Play!

Craving a bit of Scandanavian art in my life, I went to check out the recently opened exhibition of Norwegian artists Tina Jonsbu and Kari Steihaug at NOoSPHERE Art Space, a small non-profit art space and gallery that opened in 2011. Tucked away from the street and up a small flight of stairs on the eastern side of Houston in the Lower East Side, this place is easy to miss. If you’re having trouble opening the door, make sure to ring the bell that has NO (surprise, surprise) written on it, and they’ll be sure to let you in. My first impression of NOoSPHERE is that while it is quite a tiny space, it’s very clean and organized and the staff is quite friendly (it was Kim’s first day on the job), so don’t make this a quick trip.


Do Galleries Need Soundtracks?


But enjoying NooSphere (art aside!) can be hard. It could really use some music. A silent art gallery is so uncreative. And it doesn’t have to be this way. Just part of the art world? Bah, humbug. Even a looped recording of some street noise would be more relaxing then nothing. Shit, that could be an entire art piece in its self, “Music for Gallery’s”, Art Forum should start doing mixes. And if not, artists should be required to provide the gallery with a six-hour mix to be played on repeat during their show. It’s just so much more relaxing to have something playing then listen to gallery employee type on their laptop. Up and comers take note.



The “Neverending Story” exhibition took over the entire gallery space of NOoSPHERE. Anyone need some yarn? Photo: Steph Ziemann


NooSphere’s current exhibition with the work of Norwegian artists Tina Jonsbu and Kari Steihaug did a good job of filling up the entire space, including the floors. Jonsbu’s works with pen, ink, and graphite composed of meticulous lines and intricate shading on graph paper creating small pieces that could pass as gift-wrap. Steihaug uses yarn to create her installation that takes up the entire center of the space. Together they have titled their show “The Neverending Story” and in the repetitive world of “what does it mean” art, both Kari and Tina do a excellent job of reminding someone that art is just there to make a room look better, I wouldn’t personally buy any of the work, but if it was given to me I would be tickled pink. I’d hang it on my wall and even point it out visitors as the beginning of up and coming world-class collection. That’s why I like these two. I know nothing about them beside that a. they’re friends, b. they like to work together, c. I’ve never met them and d. there not even Americans. That’s cool to me. This is modern world art. So enjoy now and save yourself the ticket to Norway.


And make sure to go hungry. The Gaia Italian Cafe located right downstairs from the place is not to be missed either.


  •  NOoSPHERE Art Space “Neverending Story” Tina Jonsbu and Kari Steihaug. November 30th – December 30th 2012. [Price of Artwork: nyc-artparasites.com estimates $500 – 1,500]

Article written by Thomas Comstock