Sarah Sitkin

Artwork by  Sarah Sitkin

Artwork by Sarah Sitkin

Sarah Sitkin is a Los Angeles based artist. Her sculptural works are made in wide variety of media including but not limited to silicone, clay, plaster, resin,and latex. Sarah Sitkin’s multimedia sculptures appear mutated, monstrous and organic. She explores themes of horror and absurdity.

“I will take molds of bodies, sculpt out objects, collect materials, paint details, punch tiny hairs into silicones, partially destroy my past artworks, and then arrange the parts together. I use lighting to further refine and focus the intentions of the piece. Every detail has meaning to me. I then take a picture of the piece and subtly swing the color until there is a harmony within the image. Each image that has emotional significance to me has a sound to it. It could be a buzzing, crackling, or distant humming sound. It’s different for every piece.”

– Sarah Sitkin