Rock Your Heimat

Heinz Gindullis is the owner of Cookies Cream, where many of us have danced away a night or two. It’s nice to know that we’ve been lining the pockets of someone with a heart of gold.

CHARITY at [ ] is the brainchild of Gindullis and fellow entrepreneur Thomas-Marco Steinle. Since 2009, the two men, inspired by journalist Ingo Lenz’ involvement in the Amani orphanage in Tanzania, hold dinner parties at different locations in Berlin to raise money for the African village. And they’ve been a success.

Charity in the heart of Berlin

This year the CHARITY event was held in the Circleculture Gallery’s space in Berlin-Mitte. The gallery on Gipsstraße, established in 2001, specializes in so-called “Urban Fine Arts” –  upscale art influenced by urban subcultures. The artists are for the most part young, with international backgrounds.

In addition to the dinner, the gallery is presenting “Give,” a show curated by Sarah Davies, to raise additional funds. Limited editions by gallery artists and other selected ones are being sold at prices ranging from 100 to 1,000 euros. Both the gallery and the artists are donating 5% of the proceeds to CHARITY.

Rock your Heimat

One can only hope that the editions are well received by gallery visitors. The gallery staff seems definitely to be satisfied so far, and probably artists like punk rock legend Raymond Pettibon, scandal-plagued Terry Richardson, Stefan Strumbel (whose kitschy-looking cuckoo clocks are adored by Karl Lagerfeld) or Aaron Rose, who has contributed twelve of his favorite hats for his installation, will insure particularly lively interest. 

In any event, “Give“ is not a bad idea at all and it can serve as a model, especially since galleries and artists often don’t have a lot to donate. “Rock your Heimat” is the title of one work in the show by Stefan Strumbel. Now, that’s an appealing slogan. How about “Germany rocks!” or “Giving rocks!”?