Rawr: Top 5 Last Minute Art Christmas Gifts

Still in need of some great gifts for the art lovers in your life? Search no further than the BAPS recommendations below:


Risqué Reading


Present: Book – “Fräulein” by Ellen von Unwerth, printed by Taschen

Price: €49.99

Buy this for: Seductresses with excellent taste, not your grandmother…(NSFW)


I’ve always loved getting books for Christmas; it’s one of the only times that I feel I can indulge in some lounging by the fire with a good read. My ideal gift this Christmas would be this sumptuous edition of “The Story Of Olga,” the latest photographic offering from absolute vixen Ellen von Unwerth, yet alas it costs €1250 and is now sold out. Therefore, this cheaper book offering of her incredible photography (at the bargain price of €50) would be an excellent alternative.


Recommended by artparasite Marie J Burrows


Sophisticated Subscription


Present: Subscription – Mousse Magazine, 5 issues

Price: €50

Buy this for: Your friend who complains that ArtForum has too many adverts


I don’t know what it is with art and fashion magazines insisting to print their issues in odd, large sizes. The Italian company behind Mousse Magazine made no exception. Their large, fragile, and stylish magazine covers culture from around the world, while simultaneously adding character to your coffee table. Whereas most commercial art magazines are made for the collector, this one spares its pages for content with less ads. Remember this for the conceptual savvy and fashion forward friend in your group.


Recommended by artparasite Jim Shaeffer


Limited Edition Luxury


Present: Tracy Emin Beach Towel

Price: $95

Buy this for: The globe-trotting gallerist or jet-set art star in your life


There is something about Christmas that always makes me yearn for a sunny island somewhere far away. Pairing the promise of warmer pastures with an authentic, died-in-the wool (literally) art object is as good as it gets for me. Not only will you ensure that the jet-setter in your life stands out on any beach, but you’ll be offering up an authentic objet d’art this Christmas.


Recommended by artparasite Hannah Nelson-Teutsch


Dîner de Fantaisie

Present: A nice dinner at Paris Bar restaurant in Berlin

Price: Average main course price is €35

Buy this for: The starving artist in your group.

If you are like me and don’t expect to give or receive anything for Christmas, not because you’re some kind of Scrooge or Grinch with a heart two sizes too small but because you realize that love doesn’t require a season and a gift doesn’t imply materiality, then I’d recommend the gift of a shared memory. Remember that first dinner together with your significant other? How about that time (or many) you exited a restaurant (drunk) with your buddies after that one great meal? Truth is, one of our favorite—and most ancient—human rituals has been the coming together to partake in food and libations. Sure, this can happen anytime and anyplace where we can chew and drink. But what makes Paris Bar just a bit more special is the combination of the great food (all the French bistro favorites—with arguably the best steak frites this side of the Rhine), the great atmosphere (every inch on the wall is covered with original artwork, salon style), and the history of the place (celebrities from Jack Nicholson to Madonna and David Bowie have all dined here). But whatever you do, whether you go for their scrumptious Bouillabaisse or the flawless escargot, do not forget about their fine selection of wines. Prost! …Ahem, à votre santé!


Recommended by artparasite Jovanny Varela-Ferreyra


Affordable Art Print


Present: Limited Edition Art Print (8’’x10’’)

Price: $24

Buy this for: Anyone in need of a new addition to their wall


Convinced that collecting art is an endeavour reserved for the upper echelon of society? Think again! 20×200 gives you access to limited edition art, prints, and photographs by emerging artists at unbelievably affordable prices. With an online curated collection featuring a few hundred artists, you are bound to find something to suit the tastes of nearly everyone on your list. If you are still suck for a great find for the Berliner in your life, look no further than this gorgeous watercolor print of a Berlin map by Stamen design. Happy collecting!


Recommended by artparasite Patricia Restrepo