Punk’s Not Dead

Tonight, in the luxurious setting of The Soho House, Berlin the award winning photographer, Niall O’Brien, will be meeting Berlin art enthusiasts and speaking with Upon Paper Magazine’s Holger Homann for an artist talk. This is your chance to hear first-hand about the life and work of the Irish documentarist whose pictures verge on the border between voyeurism and photojournalism. The event is held in correlation with O’Brien’s first exhibition in Germany, currently being held at the Upon Paper space until July 28th 2012.


Niall O'Brien

Good Rats: Superheroes by Niall O’Brien 


For his audience, O’Brien opens the door of insight to the punks of South West London. Yet this is punk as we’ve never seen it before; delicate and beautiful, where even their stomping grounds, the dreary streets of London, are bathed in a romantic hue. In a world of studded jackets and acid washed jeans, we follow them on their daily exploits; on top of rooftops and through houses, dilapidated and torn apart. This particular project, entitled Good Rats¸ is testament to O’Brien’s photographic skills for it took two years of true perseverance to be accepted; he tells magazine Dazed & Confused that “they thought I was a paedo for ages.” The photographer ended up spending nearly five years with the group of punks (The Kingston Brew Crew), even accompanying them on a trip to Germany where cans of Stella (the beer labelled in Britain as “wife beater”) are replaced with bottles of Sternburg as communist architecture looms in the background.


The discussion is set to be a fascinating insight into the dichotomy of the photographer, especially in the case of O’Brien, whose only rule is “never to interfere” yet after five years with his subjects, inevitably refers to them as his “friends.” It is also the perfect opportunity to take a trip inside the private members club, The Soho House. The restored Bauhaus building is host to a full Cowshed Spa, a gym and a rooftop pool. Don’t miss out!