Prost!: Berlin’s Best Weekend Art Events

It's hot out there Berlin! While spring has definitely arrived maybe it's a good move to whip out those shorts, try on those discount sandals and wear your hair down for the best weekend art events Berlin has to offer! We've got everything from openings, dance parties and more in our weekly round up of the greatest things to do here in our city!

Thursday May 16th, 2013

Winters Hotel Berlin The Wall at Checkpoint Charlie – JBAK Solo Exhibition – 6-10pm

If you read our previous article this week that covered RaW Tempel – aka Berlin's graffiti Mecca – then you must already be familiar with Berlin-based street artist JBAK. What is actually a collaboration between artists James Bullough and Addison Karl (founder of Idrawalot), these American-born creatives have made a name for themselves with their characteristic portraits on discarded pieces of wood. Despite being indoors, we're certain that this exhibition will retain its well-established street cred!

Merkezi eV – Selfie And All That – 6pm

If you saw the latest Time Magazine cover then you know that the new moniker for millennials is the "Me Me Me Generation." Well, what could be more appropriate than to go to an exhibition dedicated to the selfie! With a press release that mentions every college students’ favorite Mac program – Photobooth – you know it's going to be good. Curated by Ulijona Odisarija, the exhibition strives to question the process and making of image taking when the camera is pointed at its holder. Expect to see #ArtSelfie a lot more on Twitter after tomorrow night!

STATTBAD Berlin – The Pro Leather Experience Berlin – 10pm

STATTBAD, a BAPs favorite, will be kicking off the evening once again this Thursday! Brought to you by VICE Deutschland, this event will showcase the work of graffiti team "The Weird," along with the brotherly team of "Low Bros." As if the artwork on the walls wasn't enough, the night will be also accompanied by music from Dvnny Set, Oddisee, and Konichiwa Bitches. Sounds like it's going to be a Club Mate kind of night!

Friday May 17th, 2013

Musterzimmer – Wirst Du Für Immer Mein Sein? (Will you be mine forever) – 7pm

The painter Janne Räisänen has been traveling a lot recently and believes it's imperative that you check out his latest series of works. The Finnish artist has been working in Berlin for quite some time yet felt the itch to explore. This vagabond has ventured throughout Europe and has come back with paintings dedicated to the people that inspired him a long the way. Some longhaired harem boys, a familiar frau from Berlin's Tiergarten, and more intriguing individuals will fill the exhibition hall this Friday.

District Kunst und Kulturförderung – (Dis)playing paper, hours and constellations #4 by V I S U A L A I D – 7pm 

Although it officially opened last month, (Dis)playing paper, hours and constellations #4 has continued through nightly events. Through cross-disciplinary exhibitions and performances, V I S U A L A I D combines the works and documents from nearly 20 artists including Duchamp and Shinya Sugimoto. Jump into the mix!

Saturday, May 18th, 2013

Martin-Gropius-Bau – Anish Kapoor Solo Exhibition – 10am-7pm [Entry: single €11 / reduced € 8 / free under 16]

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past twenty years, you've already heard of this guy named Anish Kapoor. Known for his large often-metallic and psychedelic sculptures, Kapoor will be invading Martin-Gropius-Bau's exhibition hall starting this weekend. If you've seen his famous Bean in Chicago–ok, technically called "Cloud Gate"– you know how his work can give vertigo if stared at for too long (consider that a warning). With an all-star sculptor like Kapoor, this might be the best way to get back on your artistic horse after recovering from last month's Gallery Weekend hangover.

SAGE RESTAURANT – Distortion Pre-Party Berlin – 1pm [Entry: €8 before 9pm, €10 afterwards]

If there is one thing that Berlin does best is party harder and longer than the rest of the world. Distortion at Berlin is the best example of this with its 25-hour party! Featuring an international array of DJs, this is the kind of dance party you want to get to early. The party begins outside and doesn't move indoors until 10pm so wear your tank-top and summer shorts!

Urban Spree – Die Wanderer – 5pm

We mentioned this exhibition in our article about RaW Tempel yesterday and today's the day that you finally get to see it. Inside this historic area is Urban Spree, an art gallery dedicated to young contemporary artists. Their latest exhibition is dedicated to the work of French artist Karine Lémery whose art can be described as delicate. However, given Urban Spree's exhibition history, you can expect that the show will be strong.

SAVVY Contemporary – NAME: Performance by Daniel Daoudi & Sebastian Kurth – 7pm

May is the Month of Performance Art in Berlin and while that program doesn’t officially sponsor this particular, it certainly fits the current hype in the city. Daniel Daoudi and Sebastian Kurth will be exploring the impact that certain virtual technologies have had on us in recent decades. According to the press release, these artists will, "Showcase interpersonal communication and quest for the identity of two individuals between the spheres of the actual and the virtual world." There's no denying it, we are a culture increasingly dominated by technology, from the way we communicate with each other to the way we perceive the world. #IsThisRealLife?

Article by James Shaeffer