Pornceptual: Up Close & Personal

I was familiar with Chris Phillip's reputation before I had even met him. His photography skills and eccentric outfits are well known amongst the Berlin art scene, and not without reason. With his soft spoken Brazilian accent and gentle nature, however, I would never have anticipated upon first glance that he was the founder of a popular porn website.

Labelling itself "a visual study of unusual pornography," Pornceptual is not your average porn site, that much is clear. For one when you click on the site there is an absence of a crowd of lewd pop ups and gambling ads, of very graphic gifs and general lack of taste. Instead there is a carefully thought out, delicate aesthetic which draws you in, offering you the chance to “expand your gastronomic sexual horizons and reject the conventional western culture's menu” and “avoid the boring kitchen of normality.” An important notion in our ever uniform society, which increasingly dictates social norms in all aspects of our lives – including the bedroom.

Pornceptual image Chris Phillips An image from a recent Pornceptual shoot. Photo courtesy of Chris Phillips

Phillips explains how he originally shot fashion photography, but following a chance encounter ventured into the the world of nudes. “It was really random…I met this guy and got talking, we woke up really early on a Sunday morning and went to the woods to do the shoot there because it was close to my university. I think I went to church after…”