Poem To Call Love In

Photography by  Irina Gache

Photography by Irina Gache

When you show up, I’ll say –

Hey, let’s give this a go.

You’re gentle and feel warm –

we can be silent

and we can crack jokes.

If this sounds good to you,

I’ll be your beggar queen –

my cheap metal bracelets

turn pink against my skin.

I loathe glass slippers,

but you can kiss

the extra bones on my feet.

Come, my love –

we will laugh

at red unicorns inside plastic hearts.

We will hold hands

through the vampire forests

of our minds.

We will cry.

We will try.

Anca Rotar is a Romanian-born writer, over-thinker and caffeine addict. She is the author of two books, Hidden Animals and Before It Sets You Free, both available from Among her interests, which she finds it hard to shut up about, she counts fashion, yoga, city breaks and deadpan sarcasm. She is also currently studying Japanese, so wish her luck. You can sample bits of Anca’s creative writing here.

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