Playing With Food Isn’t Just For Kids

Scenes of apocalypse, a concentration camp, revolution, the fall of the Berlin wall, and both heaven and hell. Nothing is missed in Peter Pink's first exhibition "It's my exhibition and I'll play with my food if I want to" at FIGO. Berlin-artparasites hopped onto the Rotebete Art Crawl and made sure to capture the madness of Peter Pink's produce-laden creations. Due to quality concerns (vegetables spoil easily when out in the sun), the exhibit will only be running this weekend and closing Sunday evening – so catch it while you can! Our footage with a special insider-tour by Rotebete's Francesco Piercy Tomba will show you just what to expect.

Walking into FIGO, we were immediately overcome by the smell of fresh produce, inciting quite a rumblin' from our tummies. Plump tomatos, juicy watermelon, bold heads of brocolli, and freshly halved green  cucumbers. Getting past the immediate impulse of hunger, we examined Pink's work more closely and enjoyed his ironic take on history. Both kids and adults were captivated by Pink's work – although I'm sure the kids preferred the pink balloon heaven over the Hitler toast. If you want a laugh and to see "play with food" taken to the extreme, we definitely recommend checking out Pink's exhibit ASAP!

FIGO Peter Pink – "It's my exhibition and I'll play with my food if I want to", May 25th-27th 2012, 2pm – Late Evening