Playing In Your Underwear

After a night of art exhibitions and performances in NYC, the fun continued with a benefit event for the NYC-based theatre company Theatre C at The Cutting Room – a famous artsy (and rocksy) venue that has held performances by everyone from Lady Gaga to Norah Jones and Eric Clapton. The walls of the venue are lined with multimedia artworks for sale with more of an edgy and rockish quality to them, including one piece that appears to glue together records with a black, tar-like substance. The performances and acts of the night were highly entertaining from the Skivvies, who perform clad in underwear (maybe as a way to combat stage fright?!), to Chris Hall with the musicial “54.” Seats were sold out for the night – not too bad for a Sunday night in a city that never sleeps!

Chris Hall in NYCNYC-based performer Chris Hall during the musical “54,” donning a charming German accent and busting out some impressive dances moves!

And finally… when the deliciously greasy NYC slice of pizza and mexican food that pervades each street in this city starts getting old… it’s time for a trip to Trader Joe’s, one of the best (and bargain!) food stores in the US. Never have I ever seen a grocery store line this long in my entire life… Wrapped around the entire store, workers bearing signs with “End of the Line” scrawled across are set up at the very entrance of the store. Is it possible? In NYC, anything is possible. Only wanting to buy a few bagels and some spinach, I had to think twice if it was worth it to stand in this 30+ minute line… but then half way through I came across this sign and had to smile – American pragmatism at its best!

Trader Joes Line in NYC

… and the adventure through NYC continues!