Ping Pong Balls And Mythical Art

Staying in line with their idea to support emerging artists, the Preview Berlin Art Fair has started an initiative called “Focus Academy” to allow art students into the world of art markets and fairs. Partnering up with some of the top art academies of Germany, the event  during their fair at Tempelhof Airport will have a program especially designed to help art students learn the ins and outs of what it means to make a living off of their art. One of the chosen art universities is the Burg Giebichenstein Art Academy, whose art program has nearly 100 years of tradition. Their goal has been to encourage their students to develop visionary thinking as well as professional practical skills.

Giebichenstein has selected their most promising student to represent their academy at Preview Berlin this year. This group of four young artists are preparing for Preview Berlin and readying their works of various techniques and materials: sculpture, glass objects, and even videos…So what do these fresh minds have prepared for the fair?

And the Oscar goes to… Ping Pong Balls!

Exploring the boundaries between stillness and movement, Claus Stoermer brings the work “PingPong.” The artist uses animated objects and put them as ‘‘actors’’ for his videos. The movement of ping pong balls might be well known by one’s own experience, but the illusion of this new media reality expire and construct a new world of experience. At the other end of the art spectrum, fellow art student, Sara Moebius will be presenting large-scale charcoal drawings that highlight forests as an important mythical motif within German Culture. 

Following along the mythical theme, Wilhelm Frederking has built a glass wall installation using the effect of reverse glass painting in transparent spheres he was able to create an effect that somehow looks as though mythical creatures are trapped inside the glass. Inspired by the six-armed Indian god Shiva, his exhibition will exude the charm of an oriental fairy tale. Another art student, Paul Werner, is engaged in the “aesthetics of ugliness.” In combination with the free forms, materials and other animal specimens, he combines the bizarre and the surreal. His series “butterfly boxes” and “specimens in glass” show fascinating and unknown creatures, questioning the traditional concepts of beauty. 

So many fresh ideas bouncing all over the place! Even ping pong balls. The Focus Academy sounds like it is deserving of a visit! Don’t forget that you can win tickets by joining our Artparasites at Preview Berlin facebook group!