Perceive the invisible

PSM gallery: another example of how art can be successfully shown nearly everywhere here in Berlin. Initially being constructed as a parking lot, the right organization and an alternative eye for looking at space paved the way for Sabine Schmidt’s gallery and allowed it to be a perfect display for “A Material World”– the latest show curated by Carson Chan.

Best known for his non-commercial initiative for art and architecture collaborations “Program,” Chan has changed direction; moving away from a direct relation with architecture, he has decided to concentrate his energy in a still unfamiliar, but very contemporary theme: immateriality.

The new state of mind

New technologies and the world wide web are now integral parts of our daily life and have drastically changed our way of dealing with our surroundings in every field. Information, the basis of human communication, is no longer stored on tangible media but disappears in a new state of mind: the internet. In this particular historical moment, a new concept of materialism is an issue that is definitely worth exploring.

exhibition viewA Material World. Courtesy of PSM gallery

Politicians are so shy…

Simplicity is an appreciable characteristic of each artwork in the exhibit.

Niko Princen, for example, presents a video of a walk in his Berlin neighborhood with Google Street View. New aspects of the city, like blurred houses of politicians, appear to our eyes through the digitally inconsistent media, highlighting certain social aspects that remain not so visible in reality.

Looking at the same world differently

A spotlight projected on the wall makes the heat produced by a rectangular heater placed in front of it visible. “It’s just heat” – you might think – but again, it’s that special artistic sensibility that highlights concrete elements from our everyday life that we might not usually pay attention to.

Trampling on time

The place — dark, quiet and cosy, embraces me; the new perspective of space awakens a different sense of discovery and exploration for my senses and as this happens another unexpected artwork appears…like in the case of Katarzyna Przezwanska, discreetly highlighting the floor cracks with green, showing magicly how the inconsistency of time can be touched with the hand.

  •  PSM gallery, “A Material World. Group show”, January 13th –  February 18th 2012, Tuesday-Saturday: 12am – 6pm