Open Up To This NYC Weekend!

Alright NYC, we've listed la crème de la crème so you don't miss a thing. This weekend has potential to be colorful, hot and paranoid. Sounds lysergic. And it is – so start planning now!

Thursday June 20th, 2013

Onishi Projects – “Fired Creations” Opening – 6pm

Onishi Projects is presenting a solo exhibition by the Italian artist Carlo Proietto. His work is produced with the ancient technique of pyrography – engraving on wood with a heated tool. Combining inlay, indentations, and polychrome, the result is a rather unusual contemporary warm up for your weekend!

Mike Weiss Gallery – “Cameron Gray: The Birth Of A Legend” Opening – 6pm

Add some color to your evening at the opening of The Birth Of A Legend. It is hard to imagine someone leaving this exhibition in a bad mood. Seriously. Call it kitsch but Gray’s psychedelic patterns will turn your brain upside down. Don't be shy – join the chaos!

Sundaram Tagore Gallery – "Miya Ando, Mujo (Impermanence)" Opening – 6pm

Fluorescent colors can be too much. If you feel less psychedelic and more zen, don't miss this solo show. Miya Ando was raised among sword smiths and Buddhist priests in a temple in Okayama, Japan and combines ancient and modern techniques to transform sheets of steel into peaceful color gradations. Ommmm.

Underline Gallery – “Optic Nerve” Opening – 6:30pm

Keep your eyes open for this one: this retrospective will exhibit 20 years of prints by Sean Mellyn and his fascination with issues of seeing and being seen. Expect to engage in conversations ranging from surveillance and paranoia to even Monet’s eyes. What does the NSA have to say about that?


Friday June 21st, 2013

Bunnycutlet Gallery – “15 Beats: The Artists of My Plastic Heart” Opening – 7pm

This is the first exhibition from curators Vincent Yu and Bikkei Law at Bunnycutlet Gallery. The owners of the gallery and toy shop myplasticheart will present fifteen artists with distinctive styles flirting both with innocence and the macabre, cute vs. creepy, repulsive yet attractive – you won't want to miss this night of contradictions! 

Brooklyn Fire Proof – “The Cloud” Opening – 7pm

Tonight you can leave your fire extinguisher at home for this opening. Seven multi-media artists are part of this mysterious event that may be more connected to technology than to a weather forecast. But take an umbrella just in case!

Hotel Particulier – “Uncollectable” Performance – 7:30pm

Time to pack and spend some time at Hotel Particulier. This exhibition space will house a sound performance by the songwriter +Aziz. Inspired by the flavors of the Middle East, together with Joshua Liebowitz and other five musicians, this sound-art collage is sure to fill your night (and ears) with flavor!

Saturday June 22nd, 2013

Wave Hill –“Bronx Calling: The Second AIM Biennial” Opening – 1pm

The first event for this Saturday starts early, so forget about last night's regrets and jump out of the bed promptly! Curated by Gabriel de Guzman, Elisabeth Grady and Lia Zaaloff, this exhibition will feature cutting edge works by twenty-three emerging NY based artists. A great opportunity to scoop out fresh new work!

Flux Factory – “Earth | Man | Earth” Opening – 5pm

The multidisciplinary artist, writer, and curator Alex Young will present “a constellation of objects, ephemera and video resurrecting the spirit of integrated mega-scale world planning.” Was that International Art English? Maybe, but we know his work rarely disappoints!

Skeleton – 106BLDG30 – “Judy Rifka” Screening – 8pm

Super8 films made by the painter, animator, video artist, sculptor and performer Judy Rifka and partners in the 80s and a brand new one will be screened on this Saturday evening. The artists will be present. Great chance to watch the three-decade long development of her artistic process!

Article by Bel Borst