One Man’s Theory On The Difference Between What Men And Women Want From Each Other

Artwork by  
Leah Tinari

Artwork by Leah Tinari

Me: Will you tell me your theory about what women want versus what men want? I thought it was so interesting.

Him: Men want the vulnerability of what their mothers gave them. A safe place where all mistakes are forgiven and all burdens are shared if not taken away completely. It’s messed up because women want the strength their fathers gave (or didn’t give) them.

They don’t want a boy who is vulnerable, they want a man who will take care of shit the way their father did.

They want their man to carry it all on the inside so that they feel safe and protected, the way their father’s made them feel (hopefully).

So therefore, a man never gets what he naturally wants. He has to play a part.

I worked all this out when I had a daughter and realized how unconditional my love was for her, and then I realized that she would be seeking that forever… From boys who just want a shoulder to cry on.

Just watch Mad Men. The writing on that show is so real to me. Such a great character. Men love that show because they see a lot of themselves in his character; the same way women did with Sex & The City and those four characters. You know, the era of the show, the 60’s or whatever and the cute throwback moments are just icing on the cake.

The real genius is in the complexity of his character. Men really were never portrayed as that complex before. Don’t you think?

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