Oh Hey, Bunny: NYC’s Best Weekend Art Events

It’s here, my pretties: Easter! Time to paint eggs, eat chocolate bunnies, raise Messiahs from the dead. Whatever your view on this holiday, we hope you enjoy our egg-cellent weekend art finds!


Thursday March 28th, 2013

Gallery 151 – “Nordic Pop” opening – 6-9pm

Painting. Painting. Painting. Polar bear! Inspired by a several trips to Scandinavia, Oscar Dotter created “Nordic Pop,” a series that includes abstract multimedia works, paintings and (most enticingly) two life-size polar bear sculptures. Dotter promises a meditation on the effects of global warming, as well, of course, as on the mysterious culture of those surly, beautiful, mile-high blondes who occupy Europe’s northern regions.

Pace Gallery – Zhang Xiaogang opening – 6-8pm

A well-known mainstay of China’s contemporary art scene, Zhang Xiaogang here takes a leap into the relative unknown, expanding from his traditional painting canvas with a series of brightly painted bronze sculptures. Make sure to check out all corners of the show, which runs at both Pace Gallery’s 508 and 510 West 25th Street spaces.

Margaret Thatcher Projects – “Escaping Forward” opening – 6-8pm

Known primarily for his drawings on paper, Adam Fowler here breaks into the third dimension with “Escaping Forward,” a series based around a massive wall-sculpture formed from shredded paper. Alongside the paper sculpture hang a series of Fowler’s hand-drawn reflections on the 3D centerpiece.

Friday March 29th, 2013

Front Room Gallery – “A Fine Line” opening – 7-9pm

Works by Rob de Oude, Rodger Stevens and Rosa Valado comprise this multimedia installation, an exploration of the concept of “repetition.” Keep an eye out in particular for the work of Valado, who attracts and repels the viewer’s eye with metallic sculptures that reflect back at the spectator. Valado, who often works in huge-scaled public sculptures, here invites viewers in with a series of  more intimately-scaled projects created just for for this exhibition.

Winkleman Gallery – Nano-Nonobjective-Oriented Ontographs and Qubit-Built Quilts- 6-8pm

A highbrow gallery title suggests highbrow things inside. And lo, artist Shane Hope has “molecular modeling research software and crafts custom code to grow generative molecular designs and algorithmically automate alternative representations of nano-scaled structures.”

Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts – “The Emo Show” opening – 6-8pm

For this exhibit, artist and curator Jaishri Abichandani brought together a group of New York curators to curate a series of works according to the emotional response they elicit. Working together from the principle of “Raja”––an ancient Hindu aesthetic theory that posits that all works inspire a predominant emotion in the viewer––Abicahandani and his team created an immersive experience that invites the viewer to experience the same emotions the organizers did as they assembled it. Make sure your poker face is ready for the “Grief” and “Repulsion” sections of the show.

Saturday March 30th, 2013

Paula Cooper Gallery – Wayne Gonzales opening – 6-8pm

Wayne Gonzales has made a name for himself by creating paintings based on found photos. Here, he returns to Paula Cooper Gallery for an exhibition of his soothing monochromatic stills.

Michael Alan opening in his mother’s home – 6-10pm

We all reap the benefits of our parents’ hospitality when we’re home––using their cable, consuming their groceries, plundering their alcohol stash. Michael Alan takes this parasitism in new and perhaps more productive directions with an exhibit of over 1000 of his paintings (some of which have been printed in books) to take place in the cozy corners of his mother’s home. To top it all off, the mom will be there to meet the public. How many places can you meld high culture with adorable?

Issue Project Room – “No Place But Between Us” performance – 8pm

Kicking off his residency at the Issue Project Room, Jules Rosskam invites audiences to an open rehearsal for the live film he will mount at Issue Project this summer. Dancer Sarah Donnelly and lyricist/ fiddler Julia Read will join Rosskam for this fiddle-dee-dum segue into Easter.