No Better Way To Catch A Cab In NYC

Andy Golub has turned faces, made headlines and stopped traffic all over NYC with his live and public body painting sessions – at times with nude models and smack-dab in the middle of Times Square. His vibrant pieces using the human body as a canvas are eye-catching, stunning and transcendent – with the body becoming a work of art, placed in the public domain. If you want to catch him in action (this time indoors) then look no further than the Art Sucks 10 Year Anniversary Party this Thursday, January 10th 2013 at Studio 21. We interviewed the artist ahead of his performance to find out a bit more about the artist behind the fantastic body painting pieces and to learn more about just what can be expected at the performance and party.

NYC-APS: What your favorite place for nude body painting in NYC?

AG: I’ve painted in over a dozen different places, but I keep coming back to Times Square – it feels like the most public space anywhere…

NYC-APS: Is that also where you get the best public reactions?

AG: Maybe the best public reaction was in Williamsburg, Brooklyn… There are many artists and musicians there, I think people understood what I was doing more. In Times Square and many other spots, a lot of people are confused when they see me painting. That’s what keeps me coming back. 

NYC-APS: Is it difficult to find nude models in NYC? How receptive are others in the arts community of what you do?

AG: It’s very easy to find models. Many people want to get painted. A lot of people in the art communities appreciate what I’m doing. I’m taking my work directly to the people. I’m also creating a new venue for art, producing it on the street. A lot of people who see my work might never step into a gallery or a museum. Their reactions are very genuine as they have no preconceived notions about art. Also, how often do people get to watch the creative process in action? As far as public nudity goes, for me it’s been maybe a little bit of an unusual path. I never intended to bring the nude form into the public. The art just naturally progressed that way.

NYC-APS: And how did you get started making artwork in the first place?

AG: First, I drew a lot, then I painted on canvases, then I painted on objects (cars, shoes, skateboards, murals) then I painted on people….After body painting many people in an indoor studio, I decided to share this unique, dynamic and sort of collaborative process with the public. When painting on a canvas, art goes in one direction; when painting on an object or a person, it is somewhat collaborative, as the art responds to the object or person. I’ve been using time lapse video and projection so that people who don’t see me on the street can see the artistic process.

NYC-APS:  You’ll be doing a live art performance at the Art Sucks 10 Year Anniversary Party this Thursday, January 10th 2013. What can we expect from your performance?

AG: At the Art Sucks party, I will be doing some live body painting as well as virtual body painting where a time lapse of the art is projected onto the model. A one-hour painting is seen in around 2 minutes….

NYC-APS: Sounds quite exhilarating! How do you feel about resolutions? Do you have any resolutions for this new year – art or non-art related?

AG: I don’t generally make resolutions. I keep moving forward as it comes. That being said, at the moment I’m about energy and getting as many projects done as possible.

NYC-APS: Great. On a parting note: What was the last thing that made you smile?

AG: Last night I took my daughter backstage to meet the performers at a concert. That was a special experience for her and I was happy to be able do that.

  • Studio 21 Art Sucks 10 Year Anniversary and Re-Launch Party (Andy Golub will be performing). January 10th 2013, 8pm-2am. Facebook invite here.

Interview conducted by Julie Anne Miranda-Brobeck