My, My Do You Taste Delicious

The weekend has arrived and, as always, we have selected the best art openings and art parties that will take place in Berlin in the following days. In addition to the berlin-artparasites BBQ#2 (this time centered on delicious french baguettes with brie), there are quite a lot of other events that you can feed off of! The art event highlights of the weekend include: an intimate conversational game with an artist tonight; a live group photoshoot with naked people on Friday; and our second BBQ (co-hosted together with Kunst(shot)’s art exhibition “Empty Space”) on Saturday HBC! Check out our top list of weekend art events and plan your weekend accordingly:

Thursday the 19th:

Idrawalot Sarah Clement ,”Fin Forest Feather” –  7pm

Come join us on an art journey through the wild, exploring the beauty of the natural world. This is a unique oportunity to see the technique of Clement’s detailed drawings.

Heroes Iohannah Niceboim, ”Live Confession” – 7:30-9:30pm

What if you could meet artists and hear their intimate confessions in the informal and sometimes shady environment of a bar? Now you can – once a month you are invited to take part in this game, and meet young artists that are willing to share their inner thoughts. 

Platoon Kunsthalle DONNERSTAGSBAR – 8pm

In this opening for the upcoming events, Platoon Kunsthalle invites you to find a dogtag and wear it proudly around your neck… and then have fun with your friends in their giant metal box gallery! RSVP to confirm your attendance: guestlist@platoon.org

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Friday the 20th: 

HBC  Eric Poupy and Henrike Stahl, Cannibals – 5pm

In a communion of human feast, getting together, being together and sharing are on the menu for the night. The event will start with a live photoshoot followed by a vernissage and a naked dinner. Don’t be shy! Anyone can participate (just send an e-mail to INFO@ESPACEKREUZBERG.COM)

September Cynthia Girand and Pontus Lindvall – 7pm

The gallery united two artists (one Canadian and another Swedish) both influenced by outsider art. Together they built an environment that’s a mixture of a construction site, exhibition, living room, and workspace. There will be, for example, colorful scaffolding that stands in the room like a three-dimensional drawing.  

LEAP Group exhibition, Limited Limitlessness – 8pm

Do you believe that the art creaton field is infinite? Is there still possible to make something new? In this group exhibition you can check the lastest findings in “primitive digital art” and one of our favorite art spaces, LEAP!  Free event or donate what you would like to! 

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Saturday 21st:

Freies Museum Freies Museum Anniversary Party – 4pm

After 52 large exhibitions and approximately 100 events with more than 500 artists from 40 different countries, Freies Museum is now recognized as an independent institution for the development of contemporary art. They will celebrate their birthday and their success with a massive party. You are invited!

HBC Empty Space + berlin-artparasites BBQ – 7pm

Join this event to learn more about current French conceptual art, in group exhibition curated by Kunst(shot). Later in the night, there will be a experimental concert, with live piano and DJ’s sets. And, parallel to this art show, there is also our second berlin-artparasites BBQ. So before or while enjoying the art or the music, come meet us for a for a free French baguette (just remember to RSVP here)!

Kwadrat Group exhibition, Gentle Giants II – 7pm

This group exhibition brings a selection of artists, each of it plays with different materials. With garbage, metal lights or wires… Find out how it is possible to transform everyday objects into interesting art.

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