Ms. Prlja Tear Down This Wall!

Nada Prlja will be taking apart the "Peace Wall" earlier than planned due to increasing societal pressure. We met with the artist to find out what to expect.

Ronald Reagon’s demand to Mr. Gorbachev to take down the Berlin Wall still echoes in the streets of Berlin – but this time it has nothing to do with Reagan (or alternatively David Haselhoff) being credited for the wall coming down. Instead, artist Nada Prlja – who has done several art projects and installations revolving around highlighting and combating social and economic cleavages in society – is now being pressured to take down her artwork known as the Peace Wall

Initially erected as part of this year’s still-running Biennale for Contemporary Art as a way to encourage social change through art, the Peace Wall has been standing proud and blocking off a portion of Friedrichstrasse since late April 2012. At 12 meters high and 5 meters wide, there is really no way to miss it. More than just physically speaking, the local residents and business owners in the area just can’t get around it – mentally or emotionally. As a result, the Peace Wall has been physically attacked and the artist, Prlja, has been repeatedly attacked verbally. Enough is enough, and Prlja feels that it is now the time to dismantle the wall – though it was initially planned to stay up until July 1st 2012.

See the Wall Before it Goes!

We met with the artist herself to discuss her feelings over what her artwork has provoked, and also to find out when the dismantling is to take place so that those who have not seen it yet can stop by. While Prlja feels disappointment that the wall will go down, she is also happy because her work empowered many residents in the area to take on and speak out against the economic and social divisions in the area (in this case, in Kreuzberg – as that is where the wall stands). 

Don’t miss out: The dismantling process will begin on Thursday June 14th at 8:00am with a sure to be entertaining guest demonstration (or appearance) by the satirical political party Die Partei at 9:30am. Be sure to stop by during the day for a chance to meet the artist and to ask her any question!

  • Nada Prlja to dismantle her artwork “Peace Wall” – Friedrichstrasse 226, Kreuzberg – Thursday June 14th 2012: 8am onwards.