Move It, Groove It: NYC’s Best Weekend Art Events

OK, here is how it starts: With you putting your shoes on. Now you’re groovin. Shiverin’ and quiverin’ a bit as you bounce your way around the room, Frank Ocean on the radio. Now you’re up! Fancy clothes on, head swaying slightly to and fro. And you’re out the door. Where are you heading? You’re on your way to the best art events in NYC, of course!

Thursday April 25, 2013

109 Gallery “The Surrogate Space” opening – 7-9pm

A double exhibit from Jerry Blackman and Scott Goodman, “Surrogate Space” explores the nature of inanimate objects through both paintings and sculpture. Particularly cool: Blackman’s still life sculptures of everyday objects in clay. Play-doh telephone coming right up (not really).

Goethe-Institut New YorkConversation with Kevin Slavin – 7-9pm

Artist Thomas Bayrie––to whom the Artists’ Institute has dedicated its current season––here sits down for a chat with Professor Kevin Slavin of the MIT Media Lab. Topics of the conversation haven’t been announced, but Slavin’s TED Talk on the rise of algorithms racked up more than 2 million YouTube views, so you can bet your butt it’ll be an entertaining evening.

Friday April 26, 2013

ISCPOpen Studios opening party – 6-9pm

Twenty seven artists from twenty countries will display their work in this three-day, marathon studio visit. Stop by for the opening party and throughout the weekend to see work in all media, from artists from South Korea to Mexico. And check back in on Sunday at 4pm for a conversation on “Art, Wastelands, and Ecology.”

Pierogi Gallery“Fourteen Drawings and One Painting Perpetually Shown” and “The Other Kind” openings – 7-9pm

Two-for-one! Two-for-one! Join Pierogi (yum) for the aptly-titled “Fourteen Drawings and One Painting Perpetually Shown,” which will be shown, as advertised, entirely without breaks. Artist James Esber’s elaborate drawings mull themes of pop cultural waste. In the next room over, catch “The Other Kind,” an exhibition from performer, writer, and visual artist Tony Fitzpatrick, who hear displays collages––delightful smatterings of folk art that thematize America’s great cities and its great West.

Pace Gallery“Here and There” Maya Lin opening – 6-8pm

For this sure-to-be epic exhibition, presented in both New York and London, Lin explores geographical themes, focusing on New York’s landscape, which she depicts in wall works and large marble sculptures, to name just two of her chosen media. Meanwhile, at Pace’s London space, a companion exhibition of Lin’s work delves into the topography of the rest of the world. So check out your own city, rendered in wood, silver, and steel.

Saturday April 27, 2013

TRA Gallery“Represent Brooklyn” opening – 3-8pm

Rumor has it Brooklyn’s hip, or something. So come investigate “Represent Brooklyn,” a new group exhibit dedicated artists who live in, love on, and work for the borough. The Gallery promises diverse works, and, unlike tonight’s other openings, you don’t even have to hop on the train to get there. If you live in the represented hood, that is.

Eli Klein Fine Art“I Touched The Voice Of God” opening – 6-8pm

Given the title, you might be expecting something holy from Chinese-Australian artist Shen Shaomin’s latest. How wrong you are, little one, how wrong you are. “God” centers around a series of life-like, real-sized, utterly bald, motorized animals, which ask us to contemplate a world abandoned by God. That’s exactly what I’ll be contemplating at this eerie exhibition, which won’t the stuff of cozy dreams, but should prove an entrancing option nonetheless.

Ryan Lee Gallery“Sangbin Im: Spectacle” opening and gallery opening – 5-7pm

Check it, y’all, we’ve got a new gallery on our hands. Kick things off in the new Ryan Lee space by catching Sangbin IM’s “Spectacle.” The gallery’s staying vague about the details, other than that it’s a “hyperrealistic” photography exhibit. Those who check out the space should be sure to hit us up with what worked there and what didn’t.