Masquerades And Covered In Paint

Peering through the large glass window of the art space NOoSphere, I was immediately drawn in by the glowing, warm light and flashy video projections screening on various walls. Having heard a lot about NYC artist Michael Alan Alien’s living installation and art performances from Vandal Expressionism artist Joseph Meloy, I was eager to meet the creative energy and positive force behind the upcoming 5 hour “Thanks-Living”performance. An extension of Michael Alan Alien’s post-Hurricane-Sandy performance entitled “N.Y.C Healing Show” at the internationally renowned venue and alternative, artistic haven ABC No Rio, “Thanks-Living” will focus on feeding the hearts, aspirations and energy of NYC artists, art-enthusiasts and inhabitants.

Overcoming Crisis Through Art

In the words of Michael, “New York City is in a strange state of crisis. Battered by disaster and extreme change, we have learned that our strength is in our creativity and our community. Come join us in a celebration of thanks for our greatest gift, the life force that burns within us. This is neither a play nor a gallery show, this is an experience – come be a part, watch, draw, write, be at peace.” Visitors and participants can expect a night of characters that start off bare are are clothed with paint and colorful scraps, extravagant personalities, music, and poetic vocals with thought-provoking feedback/commentary. 

Meeting Michael was very inspiring and gave me insight into the more “alternative” art scene in New York – a breath of fresh air, much needed after spending hours gallery-hopping in NYC and wishing people would relax a bit more and breathe instead of worrying how high their heels need to be in order to get noticed or receive some sort of appraisal in the art world. I’m happy to have had the chance to catch Michael a couple of times while he was at work during his living installation leading up to the performance on Saturday. Make sure to catch him at the performance this Saturday and stay tuned to NYC-artparasites.com for a full-length review of the Thanks-Living performance!

  • NOoSphere – Michael Alien Alan’s “Thanks-Living” Art Performance, November 24th 2012: 8PM – 1AM. Invite here.
Article written by Julie Anne Miranda-Brobeck