Loving You Is Pulling The Elastic Bands Back Until It Smacks One Of Us In The Face

Photography by Jamie Hawkesworth

Photography by Jamie Hawkesworth

Most days I feel that feeling

usually in the morning

when I feel the fall

but I don’t quite fall

and I rise back up

loving you is when the rubber ball bounces back in to a childs hand

that ever faithful sense of relief

it came back

and it always came back


The bus reached it’s destination and it set out to make its journey all over again

It was supposed to be me and you against the world

But it was me and you against each other

loving you is pulling the elastic bands back

and back

and back

until it smacks one of us in the face


We are the russian roulette of lust

and I wasn’t to about to hold the blame for that bullet

my murder, I wrote

have you ever gotten warm and wet from a name?

when even the colour and curvature makes your thirst just so fucking tangible

when you want to pick apart each letter and twist and bend

the perfect wholeness

and gulp it down


Your name rings inside me

It chimes and it bellows and it rises from the pit of my stomach

and it stops me no matter day or night


Usually, in the morning

I think about how I think you always knew you held the power

and I am not weak

I never will be

but tell me how can anybody not surrender to the feeling of pure ecstasy


Am I weak for surrendering to your consuming of me?

Or powerful for finding somebody to whom I let hold it all so perfectly.


Our love is a continuum

like the passing of the buses





Written by Beth Davenport




30DaysChallenge. Day 4.
“How Often Do You Think About Your First Love?”