Little Monsters

We love VAGE! This afternoon Stattyard is holding an open air art event “Stattyard: Stattbad in the Open Air” with a exhibition called “Secret Garden” by the newly formed artist international artist group VAGE. In case you don’t know them yet, the ladies behind VAGE (Vanessa Brazeau and George Ironside) organize the weekly “Turbo Tuesday” art and music series. Today is their first exhibition working as VAGE and the day promises to be one filled of sunshine, live art performances, exhibitions and musical beats to ignite your senses.

The name “VAGE” comes from the amalgamation of the names of the two artist partners Vanessa and George (not after your lady bits). The group created by four female street artists is a network designed to let artists from all walks of life create and share artwork. 

Hanging art at the event will be provided by Latvian artist, Sabine Moore. Her work generally consists of bright prints and colorful paintings with cartoon elements and light-hearted themes. It remains a mystery how her work will translate into hanging art but we are anxious to see it!

As if you needed more of a reason to attend, the event promises to also have work by Van Breezy, Cheery Bomb, Geo, Lilly, and Lucia & J. Balla. So get your weekly creativity fix and get ready for an afternoon of wonderful art and wonderful people at Stattyard

  • Stattyard “Stattbad in The Open Air” Sept. 1st  2012, 4pm – Sept. 2nd 10am (Free entry before 8pm)