Let Nothing Foil Your Plans For This Weekend!

Don't be jealous. Let the art world at Miami Beach fuss over Kanye's latest outrageous statement or Jeff Koons' BMW, you got the Berlin art weekend to worry about. With no shortage of art and party, these events will certainly keep you occupied and well fed (culturally). 

Thursday, December 5th, 2013

Node Center For Curatorial Studies – "As Everything Moves" Opening – 6pm

Because a cigar is not always a cigar, the folks at Node have taken translation as a angle of engagement with the artwork of five international artists. Per the press release: “This exhibition intends to stress the role of the curator as translator by exploring how a shift of approach can uncover and expand the layers within artworks.“ And to accompany your cigar (if you bring one, that is), there will be commissioned gin cocktails tonight. What’s not to like?

Idrawalot – "Adiós" Closing Party – 7pm

​If you’ve been involved in the Berlin art scene for the past two years, then you must already know about the gallery and showroom Idrawalot. Well, it’s closing its doors — but not before going out with a bang. Join Adrian Buenda and Karl Addison, Idrawalot’s masterminds, in their farewell festivities for a night with a "Secret Exhibition," live tattooing, free artwork give-aways, drinks and more!

Stattbad Berlin – "Druck Berlin Print Festival" Opening – 7pm [Admission: 5/10/15 Euros]

​Set to become the world’s largest art festival for silkscreen printing, Druck Berlin has a full agenda for the next three weekends. Tonight is only but the vernissage and their participants and schedule is still growing, but this first weekend is already set: expect to encounter live printing, art performances, exhibitions, solo shows and workshops! 

Friday, December 6th, 2013

LSD Galerie – "Worn-Out Beasts" Opening – 7pm

Last time we caught up with Cornelia Renz, we were shocked by the pop colors, vibrant lines and fairy tale imagery; a girl is wearing a leather mask, a guy in full bondage and the seemingly cute candy-colored pigs were holding machine guns. With “Worn-Out Beasts, Renz now leads us down the path of social conventions of the gender mainstream and refocuses “the eternally recurring citations of stereotypical and authoritative clichéd ideas of women.” 

C/O Berlin – "My Secret Life" Opening – 7pm

In an international photo competition on the topic of “secrets,” only 13 applicants were chosen from a pool of 460 and are now being showcased in this exhibition. “My Secret Life” revolves around strategies of concealment; how we individually withhold our secrets and how, in the era of Wikileaks and whistleblowers, revelatory information carries so much interest in the general public. It is an open-air exhibition (available 24/7) since C/O Berlin is still covered in its white tarp as it remodels and withholds its own secrets until opening its doors in 2014.

Sameheads – "Windowlicker 9" Opening – 8pm

​For the fashionist@s out there: in the ninth installment of Sameheads’ installation and new designer showroom series, Jessica Eisenhauer (a.k.a. Dogs in Space) will showcase her “collage of psychedelic glitch and minimal prints and patterns manipulated through fabric and space.” Simultaneously, Sameheads will be launching their online shop. Don't miss this double whammy!

Saturday, December 7th, 2013

KWADRAT – "Endoambivalenz Christmas" Opening –  5pm

Two curators, two galleries, six artists from Berliin and six from Prague; these are the ingredients for these mirrored and almost-identical exhibitions. Dealing with the oppressive darkness of Christmas season (which must always be redeemed with gifts, lights and sharing), the curators and artists of this show are making the best out of its traditions—whether true or fake. You can catch one leg of this ensemble at Berlin's KWADRAT. For Berlinskej model, the other gallery and second leg of this exhibition, Prague is just 350km away 😉

SAVVY Contemporary – "WAHALA" Opening – 7pm

​WAHALA is an exhibition “on representation, authenticity, expectations, and other inflated conflicts.” But don’t be intimidated by the art speak when you find out that “the exhibition project examines strategies of renegotiating stereotypes of representation, and inter alia impart a carnivalesque and satirical overtone to these notions” or that it “aims to explore the ways in which artists and their works can transgress boundaries of authenticity, identify themselves in order to challenge the notions of representation and power relations inscribed in a social context that brings them about, and … force a twist in the tail.” Just know that SAVVY rarely disappoints and that if a tail is twisting, it will be yours out of the unexpected excitement at the end of this show!

Michaela Helfrich Galerie – "Nighthawks" Opening – 8pm

​Neukölln, one of Berlin’s most beloved districts, serves as the muse for this exhibition. It is an ode to its night and its people; the restless, the night owls, the nighthawks. It’s a show where Painting, Photography and Installation echo the district’s own nocturnal residents made up of mixed-media: the young and the old, the lovers and all of those who cannot resist the night. 

Sealed with approval by the Artparasites Team